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Please make sure that a sold out item is clearly indicated upfront, not at the last step of the transaction, For instance, if you want to incite people to join, you could leave the item up with "sold out" across it. They would see that something they might desire has been offered. As it is now, it seems more like a scam than a real deal. I would appreciate if a manager would answer me promptly and explain to me the rationale behind this quasi scamming procedure. Maybe an oversight that will be promptly corrected? I would like to keep an open mind. Thank you in advance for reaching back to me, Terri or another manager.



Thank you for your answer, Caroline. As it is a beta testing site at the moment, I am sure you will appreciate my comments. The lag between sold out and removal is enormous, at least in some cases. As you see, I wrote my comment on the 21st at 5:47 am. Terri announced the Amazon card the same day at 12:16pm; many hours later it was still there, still sold out of course. Immediate removal was not my suggestion; it is to mark them sold out up front; as they seem to sell out quickly, it might give hope to people that something good might be obtained in the new AARP Rewards; otherwise they might think that nothing is actually offered. I am sure your IT team can make a macro to do such a small task. Thank you so much for doing your best to improve AARP Rewards. 

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@a170938b once an item is sold out, it is removed from the AARP Rewards catalog. There is a chance there could be lag time and you've seen an item that has recently sold out. 

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I am assuming they just ran out. I got an REI gift card but the Amazon gift card sold out. I see they are no longer available today. I debated if I should buy more than 1 but I am nearing my limit on redemption purchases and maybe something better will come available?>

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