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Extra Credit Rewards

I find it quite annoying that it is only July 13th and extra credit rewards are disappearing. The Dunkin Donut's extra rewards for July is gone.  I didn't want to use my points too early in case an actual "good" award showed up. I guess I was foolish.  Even though $5 at Dunkin doesn't get you much, it would have been better than nothing.

This program continually disappoints me and I'm not sure how much longer I want to actually participate in it.  This is supposed to be fun.  Instead it is just disappointing and annoying.


I’m new to AARP Rewards. What are extra credit rewards? What do you mean by extra credit rewards keep disappearing? What things do each of you do to earn points and what things help you earn credits the fastest? I know I should start a new thread for this question, but I’ll ask here first. What is the point of using AARP Rewards to buy gift cards with cash if you only save $1-$3? Thank you all for your answers and advice. 

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Extra Credit Rewards !! What a joke. Where do I start ? That has to be the worst idea AARP could have come up with besides the Daily Deal which BTW is no deal whatsoever. As you mentioned a $5 eGift Card for $4 or say a $10 Lowe’s Card for $9 is absurd.

Now, back to the extra credit thingy, you have to complete maybe 3 - 4 activities to earn access to these E X T R A  rewards cards. Usually you have to put up some of your hard earned dollars ( we are retired people on limited income) to be able to purchase these cards. Some times, not very often you may get a chance at a points only card (these are the best & what most members would like to see more of)

Now, some of us were under the impression after we EARNED these E X T R A rewards they would be available to us for the whole month. (Not True). They get sold out, purchased whatever and so they (disappear). To be fair management has started giving a heads up if the card is no longer available. (Sometimes)

Some members like to monitor the offers and try to select an item that is very useful. BUT I have come to the conclusion, as I have said in earlier posts.

“ A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush”  If a card comes available you  would like, my advice is to grab it faster than a fatdog can f**t because tomorrow it will definitely be gone. Good Luck

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<<I didn't want to use my points too early in case an actual "good" award showed up.>>


Several folks have posted that AARP ought to allow for more than 3 cash ins per month as a solution to this always challenging limitation you faced.  Whether that possibility is going to require more patience, who's to say.


Personally, I don't think it will change, which is 100% guesswork.  Because of that, I'll toss a suggestion in the mix which would be to post a schedule of upcoming rewards with the live dates so players might guage better as to whether they should hold off on bidding.  I recently passed on a coveted Wal Mart gift card for a prize I was guessing would evolve.  Posting dates would have given me better guidance on when to spend.


As it is, 3 winnings per month even without posting upcoming prize dates isn't so bad.  It combines guesswork with inexact data of what companies participate and how frequently.  But any edge would be quite acceptable.  One thing I have most certainly earned...don't "jump" at today's prizes, because tomorrow will still offer acceptable choices, even if maybe not as good.  Early one, I won a couple things I had as much use for as expired milk.


I am totally on-board with a schedule preview. The old version of the Rewards program had that for both the sweeps and the auctions. That way I was able to set an alarm for interesting auctions ending while I was at work.


Being able to plan out the use of the points makes so much more sense.


The extra credit especially should be treated as orders that AARP will fill from whatever source they use, and reorder as needed, rather than just disappearing within days.


Extra credit point redemption values also need to be lower for it to be "extra credit". Redeeming more that 1000 points per $ seems too much to really qualify as extra credit. Why go through the hoops of unlocking if there isn't a special value attached?


Hopefully this will still all change. It does still say Beta at the top - lol.




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I like your solutions.  I am definitely in favor of more than 3 cash ins per month and a look ahead for what is coming would be very helpful. 

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