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Elle Magazine Subscription (R4G) is a Nightmare!!!

Hello Community Warriors,


I love magazines and would gladly use the 8,125 pts. for the Magazine deal.

On 8/1/19 I won a 1,200 pt. Daily Deal for Elle magazine (12 issues) and it was to start in 6 to 8 weeks.  By mid December (4 months) I had not received any issues and contacted the publisher who was aware of my account and stated that issues were being delivered like a newspaper.  It may come to my home, neighbors, near my home or around my home.

I informed the Representative that I hadn't receive any issues since my order was processed in August, she stated on 1/6 that she'd change the delivery method to US mail and issues should arrive by the 8th of each month.  I received a Dec. 2019 issue and Jan. 2020 issue (replacements) in mid January.

Today I had to call again because I haven't received the February issue and was told that it would be sent in 2 to 3 weeks as a replacement via manila envelope by Supvr. Jeri and that the March issue would have a regular label  on it with name, address and acct #.

Called AARP Redemptions and they stated that the regular US mail deliveries will not start until April, and asked why when publisher stated March. Will probably have to call for March (replacement).  AARP representative also stated they have no control over when the publisher sends the magazine.  This was during the use them or lose them points phase at the end of R4G.

This has been the most horrible customer service experience on the part of Elle Magazine and AARP that I've ever encountered with any business, company, agency or organizationSmiley Mad


I will never order any magazines through AARP, they can give them away and I wouldn't be interested.


Is anyone else having problems with items you used your points to redeem during the end of R4G?


Have a Blessed Day




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Hi Marylyn: I used up quite a few points on probably 8-10 magazine subscriptions, because it was as you said “use or lose” Anyway I probably received magazines for maybe 2-3 months and they finally quit coming. I had intended on taking them to the VA so our vets would have reading material while waiting for their appointment. After two calls I realized it was a waste of time to pursue it any further. I really am not into magazines, but because I did not want to lose my points and a chance to donate them I chose to order the mags.
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This is exactly what Elle magazine is trying to do, send a copy of issues and if you don't call them just stop sending.

But, I have an alarm on my cell to call on the 9th of each month about my issue if it doesn't arrive.

I like magazines, but really didn't want to use my points on magazines cause I yet so many.  I was seeing if I could win a "Points Only" daily deal for the 1st time and this was the results.

I could have gave points away on the Sweeps (Points Graveyard).  Worst experience of all time.


Have a Blessed Day


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