Daily Instant Win...Oops Something went wrong

I just tried for the Daily Instant Win (Target gift card).  When I submitted, I got a message saying “Oops something went wrong. Refresh your browser and try again”. After refreshing, I went back to try again and I got the message “Come back tomorrow...“. The points were deducted, but I don’t know if I even got my entry.

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I got the same message entering the sweepstakes.  I presume if "something went wrong",  the entry wasn't recorded, however, the points were deducted.


Thanks for the heads up that it's also happening on the Daily Wins.  Hope tech support fixes these issues soon.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JoLo49  and @k380494p   


Thank you both for letting us know about this! 


There may be times you experience “Oops” messaging when entering a sweepstakes, please note that if you see the completed redemption in you transaction history, then you have successfully been entered into the sweeps. We are currently working on improvements in this section of the catalog and apologize for any confusion that It may be causing!  Do not worry – you still have a chance to win!


Hi Teri,

Forgive me if I cannot believe what you just wrote.

You see, we never know how many entries we have, even when there is no OOPS. AARP for Good used to let us know our total number of entries for each Sweepstake. Maybe this could happen here too? It would be a great improvement.

If you have something to back up your words, it would be great.

Sincerely yours.


@AARPTeri   Thank you!

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