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Daily Deal hurry up and pay

For the first time today I tried to purchase a daily deal.

I logged in right at noon and got the red Robin gift card added to my cart.

However I did not pay immediately; I looked around for about five minutes and then tried to pay.

Much to my surprise The deal was no longer available! I was told that you could even lose a deal while entering your credit card information.

I suggest that after it is in your cart you should really have it for at least five minutes.

This would give you time to pay for it.

Am I the only one that this has happened to?

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No, you are not alone. In Rewards for Good, you had 20 minutes to complete shopping and transaction; that was reasonable.

 I have asked several times that something similar be done in the new Rewards system; 5 minutes just to complete the transaction without further shopping if they think 20 minutes are too much. 

No answer, no change, business as usual for AARP Rewards.

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