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DIGITAL GIFT CARD Trelawear Designer Pendant

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DIGITAL GIFT CARD Trelawear Designer Pendant

The title infers redeem for pendant, while the value shows $75.00.


Checking the Trelawear site, the least expensive is $175.00, so would we be receiving $100 discount, or should the title actual read $75.00 gift card?




Thank you in advance for clarification.

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The Fine details:


Just at the bottom of the initial redemption page is....


"Rewards Terms  V  "     <---->  When you click it the following 'disclosure' is revealed...



"........Redemption instructions:


Prize fulfilled as a unique one time use gift code valued at $75 for use when purchasing a Trelawear pendant of their choice on the website. When a customer is checking out and finalizing their order, please use this unique gift code in the discount code box and $75 will automatically be deducted from their purchase. Gift packaging and regular USPS standard shipping is free on all orders."


Pretty much paying $100 for the item; I haven't searched further about monthly/ service fees/ charges, etc. that's for prospective buyers 'should do.'

~ The Gift Card value is $75.00


😎   The Fine Print



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