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AARP is sooo confusing as a new member. Any tips or guidelines? I’m feeling overwhelmed. Also I have a mommy brain lol. Help:) 

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Hi Maria

Hey we have all been where you are, don't worry. As @OneDayMatisyahu  said just slow down, take a breath and explore. It may take awhile to get comfortable but you will get there. Heck I am still learning some things. 

Welcome  😀 😊


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Welcome to AARP  😎


AARP web site is an open landscape where you are free to engage in a large variety of activities - your choice of what you seek. 


Start on the Home Page --->  AARP® Official Site - Join & Explore the Benefits

- read articles or watch videos on..... topical news bits, health, Medicare, social security information, entertainment etc.

- want some discounts or deals - feel free to explore - no obligations  ----> AARP® Member Benefits: Browse All Discounts & Programs   and much more....

- like online games and puzzles; even old Atari games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Crosswords, etc. ---> See All the Online Games Available from AARP


Check on the Community Forum as you had just posted to. Explore.


You'll see the Rewards Section -  if you wish you may engage (it's optional)...--->  Program Details and Rules, The AARP Rewards Playbook     <----  a bit of time is needed to accumulate points that can redeemed for 'gift cards or physical items' and/ or play games of chance -  Daily Instant Wins and Monthly Sweepstakes - where you can actually win gift cards. 

You can also purchase gift cards at a 'discounted rate'  


And of course if you are a paid/ subscribed member you'll have a wider range of opportunities and privileges.


😎  Explore more...... learn more.........

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