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CVS $5 card

@AARPTeri  I redeemed 11,000 points for a $5 CVS card an hour or so ago and did not receive the confirming email with the redemption code yet,  it is usually sent within a few minutes.  Can you look into this and get that code sent to me?

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@mi4090 , @BeaK214982 @Jason2020 @dv2286 


Sorry for the confusion yesterday, it was determined that some redemption emails were delayed yesterday afternoon due to unexpected technical maintenance.


All emails have been sent as of last night. If anyone still hasn’t received their email please let us know.

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Hello @BeaK214982 


I agree with you 100%, and I've said this in the past.  


We are being scammed by the Rewards program who I thought would treat seniors fairly.


Have a Blessed Day,


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Same thing happened to me.  Hope Teri can help.

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Can't even trust redemptions anymore....


Who knows if some of the cards they post are even actually available...I find it odd that all of a sudden, there are more different cards randomly popping up (literally) as points only, and on top of that the cards 'sell out' after less than an hour?


Come on, how gullible does AARP think we are? They see people complaining about lack of variety and quantity, so they just put up these items which look like they're for real but actually aren't for real, deceiving us into thinking that our complaints have miraculously been addressed, when in reality the phony items were put on the site just to give the *appearance*that we're being 'offered' more new items so then we'll shut up and stop complaining.


Phony items are also posted to make AARP look good to everyone. Ever wonder why so many cards are still listed even after they're "sold out"? There's no good reason for this and it unnecessarily clutters up the site as well as reduces the functionality of the site. But the cards are still listed so AARP can say "see what we offered you for a very brief time in response to your complaining about our lack of diversity of offerings, so we really do have a great rewards program so now you can quit complaining about it..." Sheesh, really?

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