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Boost Your Bike Riding Sweepstakes not working

When I click on the Enter Now button for the Boost Your Bike Riding Sweepstakes, I get a new Tab but it lands me back on the main AARP Rewards page. I can't get to the sweepstakes. I want to enter that sweepstakes, but the Rewards site won't let me.




Am I the only one with this problem?


Remember, we're still in beta! The page says so.

Stay well and enjoy!

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Yes, mine did work yesterday, just not the day before.


If it was a glitch for all of us, then it's still an even playing field for all of us.


We can have 145 entries by the end, anyway - 5 per day. I hope to have 140 or close to it.



Stay well and enjoy!

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Edit (few minutes after posting): @rednexsrus you beat me to the screenshot by a couple minutes, LOL


Same here. Link just goes to the main Rewards Redeem page.


Also strange that it is listed separate from all the other sweepstakes.


And @AARPTeri , just in case, this is what @Brightpool was referring to:



I am also interested in knowing more about this. Working from home these days, could be good to bike around the apt complex a few times during the day.





@Brightpool @rednexsrus 


I just looked at the catalog again, and they seem to have fixed the issue. The bike sweeps is now working.




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No you are not alone !!  :womanmad:

Obviously, support has come down with the coronovirus or they all have adult ADHD. The whole dang Rewards site is in total chaos (complete and total disorder and confusion). Sweepstakes that disappear, links that don't work, Transaction History that's still not working. The Extra Credit idea was pretty lame to start with, but now they can't get the logo right, still shows APRIL, its MAY Duh!!. They can't even get the AARP: The benefit of belonging extra credit lesson to work right. You can't complete the lesson because the link is broke. What's the point :womanfrustrated:

Just another observation: Why would anybody enter a dang $45 charging station sweepstakes  when you can win ONLY 1 Sweepstakes per month when you have already entered a $500, $2500, or $5000 (Rainy Day) Sweeps ??? and lose the chance on the larger sweepstakes. Go Figure :smileyfrustrated:IMG_0172.PNGIMG_0173.PNG



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