Another Saturday morning of technical difficulties

It seems that there are always technical difficulties on Saturday morning.  They range from not being able to earn points to not being able to enter sweepstakes or play for an instant win. 


I am unable to enter sweepstakes or do the instant win this morning.  I get they are having technical difficulties processing my request, oops, an error occured, or rest assured it was processed and to check your redemptions later.  I am not even going to try to earn points and get the dreaded "No points this time".   Then you have to keep checking back to see if you did or didn't get points.  Jumping through so many hoops for so very little.


Why nearly every Saturday moring is this happening?  Very suspicious.

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Another Saturday with issues, activities not showing as completed and no points being awarded. This is ridiculous.


Yes.  Most days I have problems but Saturday morning is the worst for me.  It took to the afternoon for me to get my points.  I watched some videos 6 times before I got the points.


This is a continuing problem that they simply don't address.  I saw a post on another thread recently where the person having a problem with the site and was told the site was working properly and for them to follow the troubleshooting steps that they posted.  I have followed those troubleshooting steps and then have been unable to get back in the site for several hours.  Working properly?   

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IT department doesn't have a clue what they are doing


They done threw out the baby with the bath water long ago 

Just Saying 


I am sick and tired of Saturdays.  Not that the other days are good, but Saturdays seem to be the worst.  I have watched 15 videos so far, 6 said sorry no points.  The other 9 said they needed time to post the points.  After an hour still no points for any of the 9 videos.  I took screen shots of the page saying I earned them but they needed time.  They are not in my transaction history and when I look they are not checked off.  So I watch again.  The same result. You shouldn;t have to watch the videos several times and still get no points.


Then the fact that you have to try mutiple time to enter some of the sweepstakes because they are having technical difficulties.  It took nearly 20 times on one of them and then it never said I was entered or how many entries I had it just said I maxed out like a pro with 10 entries today and try another sweepstakes. And then the instant wins that say they are having technical difficulties and then tell you have already played for the day.  No sorry you didn't win!  How do we even know if we really had a chance to win.  But they sure can take the points for your supposed try.


It is not like this is a rare occurrence.  It is a daily happening and been going on for months.  I am seriiously considering calling the Federal Trade Commission as there are rules and regulations for running a sweepstakes.  With all the technical errors for all this time how do we know if the regulations are being followed.


Then there is also the cases of gift cards being sent with a zero balance that had been used before they were even sent to you.  Those were corrected, but how did that happen.


I have called AARP and have been told to trust them.  I say they have to give me a reason to trust them.  Currently they give me every reason to not trust them.

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First, I have to say how much I love reward activities when they work. But lately I'm watching videos over and over because they don't work or let me get my points. We can't log into the games even though we're already logged in. We can't redeem because the page won't open, just keeps circling. We clear our cache, have tried 4 different browsers but things aren't working. I hope AARP gets it sorted out. How does such a large force as AARP have these problems? Sorry to complain but last night we both just about gave up. 

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I think they need to upgrade their system (or maybe hire competent IT people?). These issues have been occuring for way too long.

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Yes, I had to resort to doing quizzes, again! Watched as much as 3 videos and got the 'sorry no points,' and stopped. It's amazing that this is still happening, but not really if AARP is doing it deliberately to gain revenue. I can see the latter to be true. Why are we so trusting to this whole thing when they have given too many reasons not to be trusted?! This should have been remedied by now, although the AARP reps will tell you, nothing to see here, it's all because you haven't cleared your cache, and 'Everything is fine.' 

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Hi @shamit It just started to work again after the entire day screwed up....but for how long?

: ¯\_()_/¯

Take care   ☮️ ~Allen

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The entire program of AARP Rewards has become a total hack. Nothing ever seems to work for more than a day or 2. Very disheartening. After many years in this I am calling it quits. Not worth the aggravation. Hope they get some real programmers and some people to run it. 

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It seems to be happening during the week for me as well. It is becoming more like the norm. Sad.

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Hi, Peggy. This happens to us almost every day. We're getting 401 errors when we try to redeem, can't watch videos, no points for games, etc., etc.   Plus the annoyance of constant security checks and being told to empty cache and relogin time and time again. It's a shame because I enjoyed the concept of the rewards program but why shouldn't a company this size be able to have a working web site. There must be something going on and forget customer service. They are no help. Expected better from you AARP.

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