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I'm tired of the start of the month Redeem BS Gift Card BS Gift Cards Gift Cards BS

as I was only able to redeem 2 measly

$5 Gift Cards in November! ☹️ 😞

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I’ve watched the same “Guided Breathing” video at least 15 times but cannot earn the points. Can’t redeem points for the Amazon card without earning the points. This sucks big time.

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Hi @neldat357771

also got this ship

sorry sorry sorry sorrysorry sorry sorry sorry

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It was working so sweetly... UNTIL NOW. 😒

But of course.png

Oy vey!Oy vey!

Bronze Conversationalist

thanks for the humor


mods will sayk.JPG

ya right


Hopefully you didn't log out. This is the page my husband gets every time he logs out and clears his cache and cookies. It usually takes at least an hour before he is able to get back in again. And that is an hour without trying to log in. If he tries to log in, the hour wait starts all over.

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Still logged-in. Never manually logged-out. Just hoping this will resolve itself. Ha! Wishful thinking. Sorry for my negativity. 😉


I have finally been able to redeem for the Amazon card. It took about 60 tries. But of course I haven't received the email yet. So we will see what happens. Just the continued mess, and they tell us the site is working properly and we need to troubleshoot.


I am so happy to report that I got my email for the Amazon card and for the Target card. And what is even better they have the $5 balance on them. I have had trouble with the last 2 cards having a zero balance. So this is nice for a change.

Bronze Conversationalist

Hi @shamit

Well.... I finally got the Amazon card..... after so much grief & frustration & time ....but missed out on the Target card.... as I had to go & planned to return a few hours later....not surprisingly they were both ....not just sold out....but gone! 😒

Anyway.... glad for you!😺

Take care ☮️ ~Allen

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