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AARP Foundation Contribution?

I have always given 4,000 points with the result of a $5 contribution from AARP to the Foundation whenever it was offered.  Although, now, it appears that the donation is no longer $5.  I forget which month this change began, but, I have become a little fed up with the absence of clarity.  All we get is this "disclosure" for our 4,000 point redemption (and most months, two 4,000 point redemptions).



Your point contribution to support AARP Foundation will result in a payment from AARP to AARP Foundation to support general charitable activities and operations . Your point contribution is not tax-deductible."


Frankly, this is more of a "Lack of Disclosure" rather than a Disclosure.  The contribution is much less appealing to me now that the dollar amount given to the Foundation is concealed.


I know that I can donate cash, if I want, duh.  However, I don't plan to redeem points for the Foundation when the dollar amount given may be miniscule.  I don't know if is or not; they don't tell us!


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Hey Ginger,


Thanks for your posts!


I realized that I could tag a moderator about this, but, I wondered about the opinions of rewards members.  The administrator could respond with the reason for their change (or not), but, I'm not giving anymore points until I see a dollar amount again.  They can't explain it away; I don't care what the reason, actually. 


Transparency is the answer.


Thanks again, Ginger, for the great posts.

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Ginger  ;  ) 

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@naxos Thanks for posting.


I have already searched the financials of both the Foundation and AARP the association for any sign of Rewards donations to the Foundation.  The amount given on our behaves is likely too small to be broken out separately and reported in the financials, considering the large dollar amounts of transfers to/from the organizations.  So, I have already given up searching them.


From my records, it appears I was first able to donate points in the current rewards program on January 7th, 2020.  The current rewards program began in the 4th quarter of 2019.  The prior rewards program had an option for point donations also, but, again, the total must be too small to have shown in the financial statements.


I would be satisfied to know how much is donated for each 4,000 point redemption and it be disclosed in the point redemption "tile" when I view it.



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Hey Nax 

Thanks for your generosity and donations to AARP Foundation & for caring 


In older Rewards we always got an email thanking us for our $5  donation and it stated it was a tax deduction back then NOTE: Donations of points has been available since b4 my time here 10+years as I recall Usually members were given 1 or 2 opportunities a month at 1st of month & amount of points was also less then but also had less opportunities to earn points

But I along with others here were big promoters in driving support to this worthy cause (you could possibly read all our past posts in Rewards archives) Each month we waited & begged if necessary to get opportunity to donate and it always came 1st of month and sold out quickly.... from moderators posts we were made to believe there was a 'limit' each month that could be given from Rewards members. Several members asked about amount and such never were told back then either 😕


When new Rewards began it took several months b4 they got system setup for members to donate points for $5 donations and we still receive emails thanking us for $5 donation but stated no longer tax deduction

This year that all changed

I do believe it was an email that brought my attention to no longer having a $$ amount listed?? & also noticing lots more opportunities throughout month pop up which made me curious about it all. 🤔😕 


Also as you've noted used to be sold out within days now they linger...I know we no longer post support the way we used to but I personally don't think that's reason they linger way do...its seems something is amiss to me

Did the limit change? Are funds really being given? Or is it just a way to use our points? Without an amount -even $5- was a deal breaker for me 🤯


I also enjoyed the feeling of helping seniors & truly was my driving force to being a Rewards member...I miss that but also no desire give away points if its truly not being used as real donations to Foundation??? Its small to consider $10 a month($120 year) making a difference BUT with all members we have 1000's X $120 equals a great deal that should support a line in a financial statement and provide clarity but never has.

I researched years ago and again earlier this year when they removed $5 amount with no luck in finding answers we all seek 😞 

If a member is a friend of AARP Foundation (give cash donations) they get newsletters and such that they write about all the causes they do which are numerous (can read about on Foundation info pages) therefore its always been my understanding any monies donated go to support Foundation and all its causes : Hunger/Meals delivered/ Free Tax Prep / Work 50+/ many many more... not strictly to one purpose  Rewards now highlights the many programs supported in the points donations offers. 

I do wish someone would let us know what situation truly is 

@andrewtoo Andrew should we tag Teri & ask? Its your thread you started will let you decide

Thanks to all for all you do and being wonderful you! 

Ginger  ;  )

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Hi nax


Oops! I'm known for writing books like the way I talk 😆🤩😯🤯

Ginger ;  )

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Thank you for posting.


Unfortunately, this topic is not getting much traction.  All I want is the Rewards program to stop hiding the dollar amount given to the Foundation as the result of our points redemption.


This concealment is indeed bothersome; I hope the amount is still $5.


The AARP Rewards Administration may be scared to death that we, as adults, will try to claim the points contribution on our tax returns.  If that is the case, then I say, we by are by definition NOT CHILDREN and can heed the disclosure about lack of tax deductibility of the points redemption.


Otherwise, I would tend to believe that the donation is now less that $5 per points redemption.




I am thinking that the $5 contributions that we thought we gave through our points might not have been real or not always so. You remember that a few months ago someone in this forum questioned the lack of transparency; and then came the change, i.e. the removal of the dollar amount (at least I think it might have been in this sequence). I find it unsettling that AARP seems to do its utmost effort to try to convince us of its lack of legitimacy. 

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Hey Ginger,

Thanks for posting.😊

I too have tried to find information about the total (or any amount) that the rewards program actually donated to the Foundation on our behalf.  I searched the public financial statements and realized that there are large transfers of funds between AARP the association and AARP the foundation.  The transfer of funds, back and forth, between the organizations seems perfectly fine because they have a lot of common goals.


However, the points donation continues to become even more obscured by concealing the amount that will be donated for each of our 4,000 point redemptions.  It doesn't have to be this way;  AARP could choose to be transparent about both the dollar amount given to the Foundation for each 4,000 points and the total dollar amount for the entire rewards community.  The rewards program should be proud of how much we give!


I don't know what they have to hide.  But, I suspect that the amount given to the Foundation is less that $5 per redemption and could be much lower, I may be wrong; but how can we know?  As I mentioned before, I'm fed up with the lack of clarity and it seems to be getting worse.


Thanks again for your thoughtful comments @gm5271 


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Indeed Andrew

For those reasons I no longer choose to do points donations... for very real possiblity that its giving up points and no real money being given for them... many other ways to waste points in Rewards program 

No doubt AARP gives monetary support and assistance to Foundation just no longer know if it includes additional $$ for our points .... sad 😞 thing always felt good to donate and be a part of making a difference 

Maybe someone will provide us some clarity ??? alot has changed 😞

Take care

Ginger  ;  )


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Hi Andrew

I noticed this many month's ago researched with no luck of any info about it other than a donation from AARP to Foundation no actual $$ amount info

Therefore I've no longer been doing donations with points since 1st noticed

I don't keep great stash of points so my past donations of up to 1/2 donations 4000/8000 points $5/$10 each month were big chunk of my monthly points earned 


It no longer seems to really be a true $$ donation ??? Possibly never was but I used to believe it was since had $5 listed & also used be a tax deduction(old rewards) but earlier this year they removed having any amount listed and also last couple months they've offered 4 or 5 opportunities which also seems wild to me since we used to have to beg to get one opportunity a month and was big deal if got 2 in a month

There are so many new members wouldn't be aware of old days

Wish way to know real deal about situation.... they changed it for some reason 🤔 & created many types they also no longer 'sell out' way used to... they'd be gone in matter of days... so something is definitely different??? What?? Anybody's guess??

I continue to support AARP Foundation just no longer with points/Rewards program.


Like you I'm also curious and bothered by the changes & wonder if it truly represents a true $$ donation ?? 😮🙄🙃😕

Have a beautiful day! 

Ginger  ;  )


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