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$15 Maggiano 25,500 Points - Instant Win or Points Only?

Hello Rewards Warriors


I tried to redeem points for the card to find it coming up as an Instant Win?


Is anyone else having this problem?  Thanks for letting me know😉

Points OnlyPoints Only


100 Points100 Points


Have a Blessed Day




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Hello @gm5271 


GInger, you are welcome😊  I got the limit and printed for my daughter's birthday this Friday.  We're going to order online and my grandson will do pickup.  This will be a big help for the small at Home party with my daughter, grands & great grands ❤.


Enjoy your card and be safe in N.C.😊


Have a Blessed Day


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Marylin Enjoy your dinner and time with family and thanks again... glad you got em okay


Thanks for info Andrew

Wish I'd gotten another while getting was good but happy got 1 but know now thanks 


Also y'all

I've been curious if  I've been missing any posts and such since all Community  emails go to spam?¿¿?... well this thread proved I am 😞 

Only got 2 emails : 1 about Marylin post mentioned me & Andrew 1 about kudo when there are more plus got no email about Andrew post which should have since following....oh boo poo .... glad I came to reply otherwise wouldn't have read Andrew info nor noticed

How about you? Have you noticed any missing? Thanks

Enjoy day and stay safe

Ginger ;  ) 


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I hope you've gotten your email & e card by now ... no longer any issues?? 


I wanna thank you....

Yippie yippie🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ thanks

I clicked on it and redeem received email with url which clicked & printed my ecard for $15 Chili's card (granddaughters fav place) 

So happy this makes up for one disappeared in Extra credit b4 could get. 

Also, it brought my due to expire points on transaction list to 0 ... so 2 great things used up points had from beginning Yippie.... thanks for posting I'd not known was there 

Again, hope you have yours now

Question: Can we get another one? Today or tomorrow? I'm thinking limit is we can get 3 per month ? 3 of same?? Not sure about Your more up on rules appreciate your help 

Have a beautiful week 

Stay safe

Ginger  ;  ) 

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Yes, you can redeem points-only 3 times per month and they can be all from the same card issuer, if you like. They changed the restriction a while back. 


If you want, grab them if available.


Take care,

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