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123 Greetings is FREE!!! Why Use Points?

Hello Rewards Warriors,


There are a lot of greeting cards for 500 points and you'll need to buy stamps to possibly get them delivered.  I think this is a waste of time and space in the catalog. 


We need "Points Only" gas, drug, streaming, Walmart, Amazon and grocery store gift cards valued at $25 and more for our hard earned points.


Just asking the Rewards program to truly help seniors by allowing them to use their points for something they can use.  Catalog needs a complete overhaul...more "Points Only" gift cards and fewer purchases!! 


Have a Blessed Day,


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I too have been using 123 Greeting cards for many many years without any problems or concerns. It has always been a quick and convenient method for me to make my friends and relatives feel good and happy about their special day, plus it has always been virus and malware free and there are no points involved.

I have been around this rewards program for quite awhile, even back in the day with the R4G program and must have missed that memo on members requesting more points only greeting cards. Just Saying  


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I missed that when members asked for more of these 500 point cards, with all the problems the Rewards program encounters, safety went out the door years ago.  Rewards is a free program with lots of non members.

Been using 123 Greetings are many years, which only requires Sender & Receiver email addresses.


Lucywould be great if someone was trying to help.

Have a Blessed Day


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Those cards are e-greeting cards. Not long ago, members requested to have a larger choice, more variety, AARP created more to please them.

Not everyone is comfortable with 123Greetings or other free websites. 

Trading 500 points for a feeling of safety and for ease is quite fair.

All this said, I would welcome as well more useful Gift cards for points only. Amazon, Target, Walmart i.e. And with a higher frequency.


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Pay attention Admin, You can't get any plainer than this. 😀 You ask for feedback from members, here it is. The least you can do is start acting on it. So far all we are getting from you is more of the same ol' same ol'. mostly just lip service. Do or do not ! there is no try 

Just Saying  

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