Extra Credit "deals" Feb. 2022

Another underwhelming slate of offers to kick off the Feb. 2022 Extra Credit session. All of the Points-Only Gift Cards are... you guessed it... for a measly $5. The only positive sign is that all six of those $5 cards are for MEMBERS ONLY, so perhaps Admin has been listening to feedback from their members in recent weeks.


The $5 cards being offered are from Domino's, Dunkin', Foot Locker, Kohl's, On The Border, and Overstock.  **Sigh**

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I only saw three arrows and no descriptions when I tried earning extra rewards.  The arrows didn't take me anywhere.  I did see a spot to change what extra credit I was working on.  Through that, I did the activites.  Wasn't sure what the offers were for completion.  Nothing would display.  Did get a Domino's $5 item, but didn't know it was for extra credit.

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This months extra credit was definitely a slap in the face. Not worth the time.

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I got another Domino's, after getting a $5 gift card in October and December.  Now I have $15.  I thought that I had a $10 and a $5 card, but, no, I only had two $5 cards from last year.


There wouldn't be this long wait to get an amount that would interest me in going for carryout (delivery would just make it more expensive) if there wasn't the "Limit 1 per person." on each card.

The long time Limit 1 per person on rewards has been a big drawback in my opinion.

I hope others will be happy with some of the options.

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