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Your Word for 2021

Often times, resolutions are difficult to keep. We then feel guilty about not being able to keep them. This cycle of setting goals and then feeling disappointed in ourselves if/when we don't achieve them isn't healthy. 


2020 was one of the most challenging years for so many of us. We lost so much, but as I reflected on the past year, the word that kept coming to my mind was "resilient." Humans are remarkable creatures, and our ability to bounce back is a quality I admire.


After some reflection on 2020, I set my sights on 2021. What word did I want to bring with me into the new year? What was my desire for myself in the year ahead? I did some journaling, and I landed on the word "worthy."


What's your word for 2021? Learn more about how to set intentions instead of resolutions for the new year.

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My word is balance - to maintain a kinder gentler lifestyle balancing persistence with pleasure

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Good Morning, Rachel!

I couldn't help but wonder about your word "worthy."  Was that in reference to feeling that way about yourself?  Others?   Just curious, if you care to reply.   Thanks!   😀


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Hi Rosemary! The word was at first a reflection on myself and the work I've been doing to heal from trauma, but as I reflected on it I was also struck by how the word can be used in regards to others. Especially after a year where so many inequities were brought to the light for many of us 💜

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"Support" to support our leadership as they try to deal with a vast number of issues and challenges!

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper

My word for 2021 is Believe (this helps me to stay focused on the positive), Believe has been my word for every year since 2017

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