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Young people had the best of things in the 1950's and the 1960's!

What were some of the most positive and fun things you were able to do in your middle school and high school day? 54524678_448897159259617_1047102598584205312_o.jpg32699030_204905123658823_2950524450816131072_n.jpgDesoto_104.jpg32857619_204905700325432_6083227245231472640_n.jpg33186812_206847390131263_3248052241457741824_n.jpg66446749_528126201336712_3612115668289191936_n.jpg71283821_2464288503805905_5431858509484392448_n.jpg1280px-People_on_the_steps_of_Konserthuset,_Stockholm_(1965).jpgMia_Adolphson_&_Lars_Jacob_1968.jpg

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The best TV for kids!




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Honored Social Butterfly

In the fifties and sixties, we had a big wooden box TV set that got maybe three channels.  But there was enough programming on to keep the whole family entertained day and night.  And just a little past midnight, the box would shut down for the night so we all could get a good night sleep.  Guess the test pattern was the first "remote" control device.


Good night......


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