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Who is still out there?

Who is still out there? We seem to have come to a grinding halt! I noticed this morning that I am the last poster on most active topics. I know that with the start of the 2019 Hurricane season getting off with such a bang! With the continuation of so many world wide issues ranging health care to how to deal with asylum seekers. From issues like mass shootings to having our grandchildren vaccinated before they return school. All issues we on our Front Porch will never solve here. 

Hoping everyone is having a restful weekend and is getting ready for next week!


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Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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That was beautiful! Thank you. 🙂
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I'm still here but just haven't posted lately except for the song titles.  I enjoy reading other people's posts however.

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For the last several days, I've had trouble just trying to login to the AARP site.   Finally, this evening I was able to get in and onto the message boards.  But who knows if that will last.  I've had this problem a lot lately.  But I'm trying to make up for lost time.  

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That happened to me too...couldn't get it to act right BUT it's usually the weekends when it happens.
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Anyone else having trouble getting on our Morning Roll Call page today? It keeps says there is a long running script, but it won’t stop. I've tried 4 times today but can't make the page work. N.


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