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Due to timing issues I am making the change to NOVEMBER-DECEMBER early!


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@LaDolceVita, Try to stay strong through this. N.

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Have a great Sunday, Front Porchers!

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Peek-a-boo!Good morning, good morning, good morning!  


Thanks DaveMcK for the reminder about the time change and the need to adjust our clocks.  I've got clocks in every room in my house.  So I know I'll have a little bit of a "project" later on today.  Again, thanks Dave!!!!


Anyway,  it is cold this morning (38 degrees) and it was so cold last night that I had to, I mean "I HAD TO" turn on my electric blanket.  Oooooo,  it was so toasty  and warm.  Didn't want to get outta bed this morning.  Ya see, I don't mind the room being cool as it is easier for me to breath that way.  But I do like for the body to be warm and cocoon like. 


Anyway, I'm about to get into my morning rituals; you know--open eyes, wash my face, blah, blah, blah, and......."C-O-F-F-E-E!" 

Be sweet!

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Dang, I posted this in the wrong place, so will post it again here...


Good Afternoon, Porch Peeps,

51, alternating sun and clouds with a big breeze here. So nice to see sun after last night rain, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings. Nothing happened here, but saw on the news where sheds blew over and roofs blew off in surrounding areas. We just had some powerful downpours overnight making it hard to sleep, worrying about what could happen.

Now it really looks like Fall with the leaves flying all over.

Out for dinner and Game Night later this evening.

Take care! N.

@LaDolceVita...Durrells started out a tad slowly this season, but there is excitement to come! Cat LOL

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A beautiful cool morning in NW Georgia.   @PattyDiane  I watched  my neighbor across the road unload the back of his SUV yesterday.  It was full of boxes, I think he was doing early Christmas shopping.  Yikes! 


I want to enjoy fall!  My travel buddy and I are going north to the mountains Wednesday to see the leaf change.  The map shows near peak in No Georgia!

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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this partly cloudy Friday morning. Hoping everyone has a great weekend. Our temps will be in the 40's over the weeked. Wisconsin Basketball season starts November 6th. Go Bucky Go!


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Good morning Everyone!

Seems like we've been suffering through a mini monsoon season.  But the rains have finally stopped.   So "Happy, happy!  Joy, joy!"   Me? I'm veggin'  today.  It's been a l-o-n-g week.  If only I could stretch the weekend into four or five days.  Woo hoo!!!


Anyway,  hope everyone is feeling well and where ever you are, it's a good day for you!  Be blessed!

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Good morning, Our Front Porchers!

It is cold here and it's been raining all night.  The sump pump has been bangin' and thumpin' off and on all night.  But at least my basement is dry. Thank God.  But besides all of this above, I am thanking God it's Thursday because we have bounced over hump day Wednesday and we're cruisin' into the weekend!



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I'm finding it difficult to accept that we are now officially entering the "Holiday Season".  I was shocked when I called to make an appointment at the doctor's and they told me they had one available the day before Thanksgiving.  That seemed a long time in the future until I realized it was only 3 weeks away.  The Hallmark Channels are already running Christmas movies, which seems a bit much.


The sun is shinning now and we reached almost 80 yesterday which was great for all the people celebrating Halloween.  I remember being a child and having to put a coat on over my costume.  A storm is supposed to hit this afternoon so we will probably be plunged back into the cold weather we had last week.  So goes the weather roller-coaster of middle Georgia weather.

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Happy November, everyone,

67 here right now. We should hit 70+ today and the sun is bringing smiles. Rain is forecast for tomorrow though.

Yesterday I got some of my outside stuff cleaned and put away.

Had around 50 trick-or-treaters last night. So glad they had nice weather.

As @PattyDiane said, it's hard to believe Thanksgiving will be here soon!

Yes, Hallmark Channel is so annoying. Christmas movies started way before Halloween...ridiculous!

But...Life is good. Take care! N.

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