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Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to March 2020 Goodbye February, 2020.

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF MARCH 2020.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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No Lysol, no problem. Bleach!


Use recipe from Mi. Read it well, personally I'm allergic to bleach.

Yesterday attempted to remove snow (concretious mass) my back said no! Ain't happening, try again today.


Back to exp-skeleton, annoying.

Need to shift snow, before the rains hit, Yep we do get spring rains sometimes but, generally followed by April snows🤣.

Warm rain by day tends to become skating rink later, the overnight lows are still a problem, 10-20* despite 20-50* days.


TP if you were in Maine rural areas, I'd suggest a trip to the nearest KFC, McD, Dunkin and request extra napkins.


Here we have it, even at local general stores and convenient.

But, this is middle of nowhere in particular. Find an outhouse look for coffee can, et voila TP in can, unless it's merely the lye or peat moss for sprinkling on deposits.🤣


Corn cobs in pinch, or single pages of telephone directories in strips. Leaves avoid groups of 3 on single stalk. Coffee filters (sacrilege) but, works. Tissue paper for gifts (Joanne's) dollar stores. TP is tissue paper in more convenient rolls.


Or try the following link.

If you have plumbing skills bidet or water bottle. The sprayer for kitchen faucet can be plumbed into Toilet tank fittings easily.


$6.00 at Walmart for plastic and hose, $3.00 for fitting.


Need to go in the wilderness now, no more potty humor/facts remain.


Enjoy all 





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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REMEMBER,  FOR PEOPLE  WHO  HAVE  IPHONES, You can  Google  dou,  those of us with  Android  phones.  Just  thought  I would  share,  some  people  with iPhones aren't  aware  of  this. Stay  safe  and  connected  to  your  loved  ones 

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Thanks for reminder at shop (necessary business) it's spray alcohol on electronics, phone in Otter Armor case, ez to wipe down.


Per CDC instructions.


Trump TP at Amazon is for sale, not worth buying though. $8.95 per roll , plus shipping/handling. 


Time to skate.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, Happy Easter,

Well, looks like I'm back for now. Better hurry and post! Cat LOL

It’s so hard to believe that Easter is here. It came well disguised and kind of “snuck” up on us.

It’s very strange to be sitting here alone and not rushing to get everything together and head out to celebrate with friends.

I did my normal grocery shopping this morning and it was the most normal of any shopping I’ve done lately. All food that I needed was available, the normal shopping friends were there, and even though the aisles are marked with one way arrows, only a certain amount of shoppers are allowed in at a time (and that was not a problem at 8 AM on a Sunday), the PA system kept announcing to keep your distances and follow the arrows, and most everyone was wearing masks and gloves, it was a typical Sunday shopping trip. It brought a little normalcy back to shopping after the wild experience at the Giant on Friday.


My Friday shopping started off great at Fresh Market. Got the things that were on my list and even a chocolate bunny! Most all shoppers but one were wearing masks, and all the cashiers and people behind the counters were, too. I am finding no matter what mask I wear, my glasses keep fogging up!

Next stop is usually Starbucks, but I figured I’d go past and right to Giant. As I drove past it looked deserted. No cars! Got to Giant and if I had known it was one door in and one door out, I would have parked near the “out” door. HA! They were out of cart wipes, but I had my gloves on, so oh well. Didn’t feel like blocking the entrance while I dug for my wipes in my purse. Got my mushrooms and headed to the grocery aisles. Well…they have arrows for one way aisles and I kept trying to get to this one aisle, but no matter which way I turned, I couldn’t get back to that aisle! LOL. There were no Thomas’s bagel thins, and I was going the wrong way to check on a few other things which was good, because the line for checkout was past the bakery and all the way down to the milk! I just got in line with my 4 items and as the line moved, I picked up my Sargento provolone cheese and my Polly-O string cheese. The line moved kind of OK and as I got near the front, more lines were opening. I saw several employees and shoppers with no masks or gloves. I was glad to get out of there. Needless to say I didn’t get all that was on that list. So with my one bag I bucked the wind to get to my car. Once in the car, I checked on my phone about my Starbucks, and it was not on the list of the local ones that are open. L Big change in the 2 weeks since I’ve been there.

I hate listening to the advice on TV. One time you hear “shop for a few weeks,” and the next hour it’s, “shop for just what you need once a week.”

Hard to know which advice to take, so I’m doing what I normally do.

It was even snowing a tiny bit as I drove to Giant on Friday!

Hope you all are having the happiest Easter you can during this mess!

Photos aren't loading. Cat Frustrated




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To All Our Front Porchers

From Me

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Hello, Porch Peeps,

We’ve got some wild and wooly weather going on here.

I had to message my ebay customers that I wouldn’t be going to the post office today as we are under a “damaging winds, tornadoes, and severe storms” watch until 7 PM. It is ugly out there. Cat Surprised

Had a strange Easter as I’m sure the rest of you did. I don’t like being so lonely on a holiday.

My stepson’s wife sent me a photo of the family doing a Zoom church service. It was nice to see them all together. Both girls are of course home from college, and the boy is in HS, so he would be home anyway, but my step-daughter-in-law, working from home now is cooking for 5 every night, just as she was getting used to only 3. Cat Tongue

I’m hearing snippets about “the curve” flattening a little. I will take that as a positive thing.

I hope you all are having better weather than this. Hope the power holds.

Take care, all.

My photos still aren't loading, but at least I can post. Cat Happy

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Tuesday afternoon all , the snow piles are dwindling👍, it rained and we missed the winds. Kept power.


I have a nagging feeling I may need to shop in another 2 weeks, and discover just how funky these new shopping rules are first hand.


The general store hasn't implemented them yet. Call order in, pickup and get out. The most people I've ever seen out and about are 2 people in stores or vehicles. Normal traffic here.


Actually had to work yesterday, good thing I'm starting to forget how to do recoveries.


Think today will be transferring more tapes and vinyl to hard drives, before ai forget how🤣.



Feeling restless and know the feelingFeeling restless and know the feeling


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Thursday am, 30* snow is melting upon landing👍Sun is attempting to come out and last night it remained warm all night.


I see actual buds upon the pucker brush. No, I don't know it's real name. Someday I will use the app and it may give a name.


Lockdown is to continue until May 15, and I actually found both my case and tape of John Prine music. Need to transfer to iTunes today.


Hope all are alive, well and moving.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, Peeps,

Not much going on here. Highlight of yesterday was changing all the ink cartridges in my printer. Cat LOL


A crown fell out on Tuesday, but dentists are only doing triage if you call, and replacing a crown is apparently not a high priority. Not that I'd really want to go to the dentist during this COVID-19 crisis!


Had to run to the bank today because my last month’s checking account statement never arrived in the mail (and no, I do NOT do online banking). Big burly guy in scrubs, mask, and gloves was standing right inside the door. Not sure whether it was for regular bank security or if he was about to perform surgery to remove the money from my account. Cat Tongue


Was brave and called my car dealership today and will take the car in for inspection and an oil change next Tuesday morning. Not looking forward to sitting and waiting for it, but it has to be done.


A friend called today and we talked for 45 min., catching up on all that is strange and new.

Still chillier than it should be at this time of the year. My lilacs and azaleas are starting to bloom. Kind of early for the azaleas though. Cute little violets are popping up all over the place, too.

Hope you all keep blooming in good health.



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@catwoman500   Bad news about the crown. Ihope it does not drive you crazy.  I was wondering what is being done for emergencies.


 I made 2 grocery runs this week.  Aldi has posted senior hours but no one is enforcing them.  They do have one way signs in the store.  Kroger has a person at the door I assume to check ball park figure on age of shopper.  


It is a full month now since we are pretty much in lock down and I imagine we have a month left.  China did 2 months in lockdown.  I am still not understanding how this virus flew to every part of the world no matter how physically isolated, yet Hubei province in China pretty much contained it to that province even after allowing people to travel for Chinese New Year before the lockdown.   Shortly after there was a huge surge of cases in Europe.  I know they locked down Bejing but they did not seem to have a significant outbreak there.   It does not add up imo. 

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It took T a long time to believe the CDC, WHO etc. and he still is pushing the Fox , Sinclair type theories. Over that of Dr. Fauci , science, etc.


How it Coronavirus, Covid-19 hit is from live wet market in Wuhan province read the link above.


As far as rapid spread via air droplets, the numbers suggest you best not count on traveling anywhere soon.


Or else just wear masks for awhile, like months more. Maine is under lockdown until May 15th, I think.


Our numbers are down in Maine due to lockdown and isolation


In comparison to say South Dakota vs Maine and number of cases. South Dakota is similar in size and population to Maine. But, their governor wants to remove the lockdown sooner.


Apologies to @DaveMcK , you're information is correct. Didn't mean to bring politics into it.


Rapid spread one person coughs in another face or sneezes and contaminates 3 more who spread it to 3 more it grows exponentially and envelops how many countries in a space of 4 months.


I'll believe science and medical doctors before T.


We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. It's 43* and partly cloudy and I need to get back to a blasted recovery for someone who believes their computer has been possessed by Satan. Close but, only a virus and malware.


Avoid clicking on documents in your email and we may all survive.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@DaveMcK @Frozenoem   Yes tons and tons of people traveled  here and to Europe before the Wuhan lock down.  They traveled all over China too by plane, train and automobile.   Yet when I look at the map from  Johns Hopkins there are comparatively very small clusters  outside Hubei province.   I am not thinking conspiracy theory but that they were either exceptionally quick and thorough  in their lock down of the other provinces or the  numbers are not correct. 


Rain here today and it looks like cool weather until May.  Then the heat and bugs will return.   After  a very warm start in March we have gotten quite cool. Pepper plants have been covered every night for almost a week.  Winter coat needed in the morning.




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Afternoon 60* played in the yard raking snow🤣, actually trying to assist removal of sand from front yard (pesky plow driver) deposits.




Wuhan and China as a whole went into fairly quick shutdown.

Remember news photos/videos of apartment /Foxconn dwellers being locked into apartments, or hospitals (dragged kicking and screaming off to quarantine) if they had fevers.


That was for the locals, Citzens of other country including US, CA , UK were sent packing or quarantined in place.


Your new Mac/IPhone/Samsung, etc.are made or assembled in the Wuhan province. Same as pc's etc. parts and pieces.


Clusters were kept relatively small due to lockdowns, forced hospitalizations. Apartments for Apple/Samsung are in house/factories owned by Foxconn, etc. You work for them, live in their housing, eat in their cafeterias, etc. Unless executive.

Pretty similar to campuses here, trying to draw a similarity, may have succeeded or failed for my description.

Supply chains of electronics and cells, went into slow movement. Some manufacturers are slowly feeling the hit. Like Lenovo or even my brands. The joy of everything being made in China, S. Korea, Taiwan, etc.


Some are now experiencing the joy of a second wave of outbreaks (China, South Korea) courtesy of asymptomatic carriers of virus. Here's hoping that doesn't happen here but, with T it's a crap shoot.


Maine has leveled the curve but, prefer not to be a statistic. Our dead count is low, confirmed but recovering is improving slowly.




Think you may have discovered AARP on Sundays maintenance, no posts.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning it's sunny and warming 39*. Finally got sleep and now on wakey juice- caffeinated and black from new supplier.🤣


The rains last night and tomorrow may actually allow me to mow and see my grass sometime soon.


Lawnmower is a lot lighter, than snowblowers, and temps are climbing slowly. Seems like I may get to put the parka and boots away soon👍.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good, Monday, Everyone!

I haven’t posted anything lately since there is nothing, absolutely nothing going on!

Did my regular Sunday grocery run to the Acme. Fun part was seeing my two Acme friends who again didn’t tell their daughters they were coming to the store. The daughters want them to go only during the “senior” weekday hours. UGH! I met these two ladies at the Acme years and years ago and we became friends only because we hit the Acme at 8 AM on Sundays! The employees who know us think we should demand a table and coffee for out Sunday morning chats. Of course that was before the whole “social distancing.”


Meanwhile around the country, crazies are protesting that the country should be opened up immediately. They are apparently the ones who support and listen to “HE WHO SPEAKS FROM BOTH SIDES OF HIS MOUTH.” IMHO I don’t think it’s his mouth from which he speaks…wrong body part.


Today I made my post office run and tomorrow (YIKES!) I have to get my car inspected at the dealership. Not looking forward to that at all. Hope I can breathe through the darn mask for that long.

From the “ca-ching” I just heard, I think I’ll have to go to the post office after the car thing tomorrow, as another buyer just paid.


You all take care and continue to stay safe!



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Good morning, Peepers!

Last week was long, long, long.  Work has been stressful.  Not enough down time.  Thing is, I really got used to not being there during my two week hiatus.  But enough with the complaining.  Gotta do what I gotta do!


Anyway, I've been feening for some ginger snaps. And

even though I like to make store trips only one time a week, I think I gotta head over to Dollar General and pick up a few bags (meaning more than two) of snaps today.  Yeah, I gotta get it done!  Yum!

Just a question. Big toothy grin!


And of course, what goes with ginger snaps?  Well, yes, ice cold milk.  But I was thinking more in terms of a hot, well creamed and sugared mugga java! 

Ummm, mmm good!


While drinking coffee, I found myself thinking about our first responders and other front-line folks. So let's remember the many other essential folks like grocery store employees, restaurant workers, and our beloved neighborhood baristas. 

I'm thankful for all those good people who, like me, would prefer to stay home and be safe, but have to go out to help keep the rest of us and the country...up and running.  Heros indeed!

Peepers, stay safe and stay healthy!

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Hi folks.  I did my weekly grocery run this morning.  Every worker was wearing a mask, not the case last Wednesday.  Not very many people in the store either.  Still low on odds and ends.  They had no dry legumes for awhile, now it is rice, available only in small quantities and at a higher than normal price.  I cannot find a new roll of waxed paper for some reason.  Will have to try another store I guess.  They had lots of pork which was surprizing but not a lot of beef.  Prices for out of season fruits are quite high.   Anyway, that is my assessment of the grocery store situation in NW Ga.


Hair salons, gyms and bowling alleys can reopen this Friday, the 24th.  County offices will probably stay shut till May 13.  Lots of warnings  about thesecond wave headed our way next flu season.  I just read over the 3 month overview of how this virus  played out.  In two words, incredibly fast.

3 month covid timeline 


@n566192l   Yes, very scary about moving your uncle.   I think we are just now finding out how pooerly senior homes have fared.



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Wednesday Earth Day watching a Michael Moore Movie on YouTube, "Planet of the Humans", full documentary.


Planet of the Humans 

Watched Stephen Colbert and Michael on his show last night, while trying to maintain sanity. Needed Everytime I hear T speak.


Guilty I'm an old earth crunchy, log cabin to house and burn wood. With oil tanked prices turned on furnace last night to 72, turned down overnight.

Found an old photo of my log cabin and me, before I discovered mountains are much warmer than coast, if it posts.


I still hate heights and ladders, give me a cherry picker and safety harness I'm good.


This morning our snow of night disappeared, presently 30* wind chill with 35mph gusts, around 18* and really feels like it.




Here most all showrooms are closed, on line shopping, questions to salesmen working from home, same for financing. Service open with masks, gloves, wipe downs and clean warm waiting rooms. New or used vehicles.




Really hear you on your uncle and assisted living centers. Can't offer suggestions other than a caretaker and staying in his own house. I'm hitting the delicate age, and won't have answers until June🤬 so, still wondering about my own housing options for future life plans.




My cousin Angus the Newfie did snap last night, went full Scot mode on me, barely understood anything he said. So, yeah, ginger snap works 🤣




Overabundance of pork products might be due to  Smithfield and now Tyson Pork products and positive tested line workers testing positive for Covid-19. Welcome to the time of T, relaxing food, pollution, as nauseum testing for putting to much of a strain on corporations.🤬


I'm using sealed wax paper, and parchment paper from camp, vintage 1970, and Jack Daniels from 1960 also from camp.🤣


Booze was found in walls, from logging camp days, kept in bomb case from WW2. Stuff never goes bad👍.



The best we can all do, for the moment is vote, and hope Gaia removes this problem. Although I don't know?



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Afternoon Tuesday presently Sunny and windy 45*.

Later rain to snow to who knows, weather always keeps it from being to boring in Maine.




My sentiments exactly for which body part T uses the most for speaking.


I can easily remember Presidents back to Truman and Ike and this is the first outright twit for either party, Nixon at least knew when to move on.


Really would prefer NOT to reopen the country now. Between first and second wave of Covid, really.


 Read the Boston Globe yesterday, and 16 pages of obit's where usually there's 1 or maybe 2. It's just to early to reopen for business as usual.



We seem to have had similar governors, ours was Percy P . Baxter he gifted out of his own pocket 209,000 acres to create Baxter State Park, end of the AT.

And recently Tom's natural products Roxanne Quimby gifted Mt. Katahdin plus more acreage to create a National Park.


As long as T keeps his paws off Baxter SP otherwise it returns back to the Baxter family it's in Percy's will.🤣


Road crews here are doing cleanup in up to 20-30 mph winds, don't think that is going to work well. Just saw a bucket of brush go flying by my window.Seems most of the bucket missed the dump truck.


Time to prepare to go out, if crew ever goes downwind of me, prefer not to wear brush pile. Or maybe I can order some face masks for eventual shopping.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, Everyone,

Happy Earth Day. It’s a gorgeous day, but only 37 degrees, feeling like 30.


So yesterday was my visit to the dealership to get the oil changed and the car inspected.

Even though the dealership is under new ownership, the same friendly service people were there with masks and gloves on. The service department has always been and still is friendly and efficient.

The waiting room was not the clean place it used to be …maybe it was because there was some renovation going on, but if you are going to be open for service in the time of a pandemic, it behooves you to keep the waiting room clean. Chairs and tables were dusty. Obviously there were no mandatory cleaning/sanitizing rules being followed. It was freezing cold in there, too. I was getting more and more uncomfortable as time passed. When I first got there, there was only one other customer, and by the time I left, there were only 5 others waiting…all were masked and sitting away from everyone else.

In the far corner of the showroom, someone was talking to a group who were probably salesmen. The person speaking was not masked and was not following social distancing as he was coming close to the seated personnel as he was giving his talk. Not many of those listening had masks on either.

So, I asked someone passing by, who the speaker was and…. I had a feeling…sure enough, he’s the new owner, setting a great example for his staff by not paying any attention to the pandemic cautions. Oh, wow! Hopefully when this crisis comes to an end, things will improve; if not, I may have to find a new Chevy dealership with which to do business. I can’t wait for them to send me the feedback email so I can critique my visit. Hee hee!


Adding more excitement to our lives, Monday our governor extended the “stay at home” order to at least May 8th (bad enough), but then yesterday this comes in the Patch:


“PENNSYLVANIA — The institute behind one of the leading models for predicting the impacts of the coronavirus has released new findings that indicate when states may be able to relax some aspects of social distancing implemented to curb the spread of the illness.

The findings, a state-by-state analysis, were prepared by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and are based on estimates of when infections are predicted to drop below one per one million people in each state.

The study determines that some states may be ready to relax social distancing measures as early as May 4 provided "robust containment strategies" are implemented to prevent a second wave of infections.

The analysis shows that Pennsylvania may be ready to relax some measures a few weeks later, around the first of June. Nearby states — including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut — have the same predicted timeline. Some states likely won't be able to safely make changes until later than that, and should social distance for the better part of June, the model estimates.

Strategies for safely relaxing some social distancing include widely implemented testing, contact tracing and isolation of confirmed cases, and restricting large gatherings, the study said.”


JUNE??????? Oh, oh, oh….I think I’m getting a headache (under all this hair)…we are all going to be nuts by then, especially if there continues to be no disinfectant wipes and sprays available in the stores.

But then there are states who are opening up way too soon. Governors vs mayors. This is chaos!


Reuse, recycle, relax. This will end, but the Earth must go on forever!



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@catwoman500, Virginia remains under stay-at-home orders until June 10 even though most business restrictions will lift on May 8.  Yesterday, I got confirmation of an ophthalmologist appointment that was postponed to 4/28 from last month.  It's for a YAG to clear a cloudy cataract replacement.  Got asked the normal COVID-19 questions and was told I would be required to wear a mask; in other words, bring my own.  Restrictions on certain non-emergency medical procedures have been lifted.  I am still leery and apprehensive, but the vision in my L eye has really degraded.


@LaDolceVita, Be careful.  I've been hearing about Georgia and it concerns me they are relaxing restrictions.  GA is about 2 weeks behind VA in projections which in turn, is a little over a week behind PA.


@n566192l, I wish I had some words of wisdom for you with your Uncle Dan.  For sure, our world has been turned upside down when making normal logical decisions (like placing someone in an assisted-living facility) seem totally illogical.


Be patient, everyone, and use your own common sense (even in the seeming lack of the latter in others).  The last thing any of us want to see is a resurgence.

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@MsStretch   Doctor's office actually called me to schedule annual exam.  They are probably very slow.  Yes, I too was questioned about health & told to bring a mask.  I have my 3M mask but it is rather cumbersome.  Plenty of masks on Amazon with bad ratings.   Appointment is not until June, maybe I will find something  lighter  by then.   Library is not yet open, I am anxious to get the book I ordered over 1 month ago.   That is my only planned outing other than the weekly grocery store trip. 


@Frozenoem  Jack Daniels from 1960?   It gets better with time?   BTW, sellers on Amazon did not raise the used book price on Stranger in the Woods  so I will finally get to read it.  

Honored Social Butterfly

@LaDolceVita, you can get a tattoo and get your nails done, but you still can't go pick up a book?  


Neighbor ordered masks over a month ago from Amazon (even before CDC recommended face coverings) and got notice it was delivered a couple of days ago.  However, it was not.  (Unless the furkids carried it off to use them, since cats are also at risk.)  Amazon said they will refund; apparently, new shipment was not an option at this time.


Congrats to our featured ACE!  😉 

Recognized Social Butterfly


Anyone  have any  luck  with  ordering  Lysol  products.  I  can't  find  any  in any  store. I  know that  President  Trump,  said  we should  drink  or whatever  Lysol products.  I  went  on AMAZON, And  for 4 bottles of  Lysol  spray the  cost was $88.00. I  think  we are ALL  GOING  TO  NEED  A  STIMULUS CHECK,  JUST  FOR  LYSOL PRODUCTS.  HOPE  EVERYONE  IS  DOING  WELL AND IS SAFE.  REMEMBER,  LAUGHTER  IS  GOOD  FOR  THE  SOUL. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Hello, Peepers!


I haven't been able to find any Lysol spray either.  And yes, a few weeks ago I tried eBay and found people bidding astronomical amounts to get one or two items.  It's crazy!


However, I have been able to put my hands on 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner spray and it says that it will kill 99.9 of bacteria and viruses just like Lysol spray.  Also, I have found the new Microban Surface Cleaner at Wal-Mart and Dollar General stores.  When I have come across these products, I try to get at least two at a time as I usual take one product to work with me and leave the other for my home cleaning. 



I would hope none of us level-headed folks here on Our Front Porch would be so naive to think ingesting Lysol, bleach, or any other caustic cleaning product would be a good thing.  But I have heard there has been an uptick in the number of people calling the National Poison Control Hotline after drinking bleach.  I guess sometimes frightened people do desperate things.  Not a good idea though.


Anyway, please continue to stay close to home and stay safe.  Eventually, we will get through this. In the meantime, better safe than sorry.



Honored Social Butterfly



There's no need to fear I think we're all sane in here, and no one shall be drinking Lysol or Chlorox.👍


Do we all know a few whack-a-doodles that might be will ing to sit upon a UV light for internal cleansing - because T said so, perhaps.


Beyond that I'm not saying anything, time to watch the white stuff fall from the sky.







And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning, Peeps!

Well, finally we have had two sunny, blue-skied days in a row!  Simply amazing!  Hope against hope that the good weather holds.  But at least we are fully in Spring, moving towards summer, and "Thank God" we're all still here!


Read your post @DaveMcK  and I now know why the three stores I went to this past weekend had no TP at all.  You got the hoard in your basement.  If you meet me in the alley at midnight, I'll trade you a 409 Multi-Surface Spray for a four pack of toilet paper.  Deal?  Smile.


@Frozenoem, "you" may know a whack-a-doodle or two who might be willing to entertain themselves by probing their entrails with a UV light at The Donald's suggestion, but I try to steer clear of all such nut jobs. lol Also, if you're still having snow, I guess I need not complain about our lingering 40 plus degree temps.


Work is work.  But when at home, I am finding that my weekly cleaning and organizing projects have really made a happy difference. Having order is great!  Nothing like knowing where everything is when you want to put your hand on it.


So everybody, hang in there!  Find something to bring you joy even in the midst of the madness.  And never ever give up hope!  Be safe!

Enjoy life anyway and in every which way!


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Hi there, Porch Peeps,



My stepson is a contractor. We’ve been talking about redoing my bathroom so we can get the washer and dryer out of the basement and up to the first floor. So he decided he wanted to come up today and start planning. I was a little iffy about it because of the social distancing, but we figured we could do it if we both wore our face masks.


He arrived and I watched out the window as he got out of his truck and OMG, you should see his mask. It is so heavy duty that it looks like a small gas mask. I guess in his business he uses something like that a lot. I put mine on before he came in and immediately reached for my coffee mug! LOL! Sometimes I amaze myself at how utterly stupid I can be. Cat LOL


So, we discussed a few ideas and he looked at everything and made some sketches and took some measurements outside and in. His plan is to turn my bedroom into a master suite with a master bath and then the bathroom will become a powder room/laundry room. Yeah, we’ll see. ($$$$)This was supposed to happen this summer, but now who knows. He is going back to work Wednesday, but doesn’t know if and when all his workers can come back or the time frame for anything. He says he just has to get out of the house. With both girls home from college doing their classes online, the youngest home from high school, and his wife working from home, he’s about to go nuts.


I’m just glad he has some jobs lined up and that we at least started the ball rolling on this project. He said he’d go home and work up some plans and estimates for me. So that was at least something different, and an actual real person in my house for the first time since my water heater was replaced!


Not that you all are interested in any of this, but it was excitement for me, and writing about it gave me something to do.

Stay safe, stay well, and use your Lysol wisely. Cat LOL

Mostof us have courage.jpg

Wahoo, my photos are loading!

Honored Social Butterfly

Tuesday, I'd love to escape boredom 43* cloudy.


Saw my neighbor last night he was finishing his stagger, I was beginning mine.


Distance of 20 feet maintained, coffee and coffee drinking, no masks. But, at the ready.


Lockdown until May 15, can we all say insanity but, it's working. 51 dead, 541 recovered, 1040 confirmed.

Awaiting deliveries so I'm really locked in, can't leave Gotta stay put. Otherwise I'd stagger to post office.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Trusted Social Butterfly

Hi, Everyone,

The only exciting thing today happened earlier this afternoon went by in a flash…


"The U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force will conduct "a collaborative salute" with a flyover above cities in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Health care workers, first responders and other essential employees working on the front lines of the coronavirus fight in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will be greeted with a booming "Thank You" early Tuesday afternoon.

The military's elite flight demonstration squadrons — the Navy's Blue Angels and the Air Force's Thunderbirds — are flying in what is being called "a collaborative salute" to honor those battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of 12 fighter jets, six of the Air Force's F-16C/D Fighting Falcons and half a dozen F-18 C/D Hornets — will streak over New York City and Newark starting at noon ET, before heading to Trenton, N.J., and Philadelphia."


Other than that I went to CVS, and that was it. It is our one beautiful day this week, so it was good to get some fresh air.


Whoosh! And a Thank You!Whoosh! And a Thank You!


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