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Good morning everyone on this Friday morning January 1, 2021



Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this January 1, 2021!

Ringing in 2021 at San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome. Credit...Antonio Masiello/Getty Images

A difficult year comes to a muted end

Most places in the world, from a virtually coronavirus-free New Zealand to an Ireland in lockdown, have now greeted the arrival of 2021.

In Auckland, a fireworks show and parties went on as usual. The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus first emerged, enjoyed boisterous festivities. But in general, celebrations were muted — or virtual — as the world bade good riddance to a difficult year. In most cities, there were no roaring crowds, no gatherings for fireworks shows and, let’s hope, no strangers kissing at midnight.

Though Madrid eased its curfew for the night from midnight to 1:30 a.m., people were told to stay at home as much as possible, to eat the traditional New Year’s Eve grapes while watching events on TV (and gathering in groups of no more than six). London’s Big Ben, largely silent in recent years as its clock tower underwent renovations, rang 12 times at midnight. And in Paris, the only people roaming the Champs-Élysées were some of the 100,000 police officers deployed around the country to prevent crowds from gathering.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Re: Vaccines it’s improving more deliveries are coming here. Still 70+ year olds , first responders and health care workers .


60+ are expected around MidMarch or maybe. One of our issues were people 70+ were booking or traveling 5-6 hours to get the shot vs locally. And then expecting to go closer for next shot - a definite no no.


All I can say. Is my health care provider will call me when it’s my time. TriCare rocks, don’t have to shop around for vaccine, they just tell you it’s time, now go!😷


No ice just light flurries thus far. Expecting either a blizzard or rain next week, judging by my back, and nippy at 2*.


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good evening everyone on the Front Porch on this fourth Morning of January 2021.

@RosemaryF433825 My wife Mary had both Shingles and the Shingles series of shots and definitely would of had the shots first and not the shingles. 

I have an appointment for my first Covid-19 vaccination Sunday morning at 9:10 because I am 77 and diebetic.

Hopefully Mary can get her's shotsoon but she is only 74 but will be75 on March 12th.

Hoping everyone has a great week ahead. We are expecting  3 - 5" of snow overnight. 




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Because I've had Shingles multiple times, I was glad to get the vaccine and will definitely get the second shot as well.  And as for getting the Covid vaccine?  It is my understanding that the age was lowered to 65 as far as being able to get the shot directly after those who were healthcare workers.

I really liked your Shakespeare quote.  Thanks for sharing it, Dave!

As for snow, it is supposed to snow here all night and into the entire morning tomorrow.  We can expect anywhere from 5-12 inches depending on which area of the state we live in.  

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We should get our first vaccinations in the next 10 days. I'm sure there are not many here that got the battery of 10 shots I got in 1967 in basic training. I got 4 at one time using  the jet guns shown below. 


Every recruit, in the 1960's during the first few weeks of boot camp, got in a line during their medical evaluations and get stuck in the arm with all sorts of needles and have thermometers shoved into some uncomfortable places.

Welcome to the military!






Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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To all Porch PeepsTo all Porch Peeps


A cold day here in the Philly burbs. Wind chill was 7 when I left for the grocery store.

Not much going on here. Some "winter" will arrive a couple of times this coming week and I'm afraid it may interfere with getting my hair cut. Not the amounts so much as the icy.

Hope some of you are doing better in the vaccine department than we are. We seem to be out of it and when it arrives, it is much less than expected. I'd hate to see those who were able to get the first shot, not able to get their second one. 

@DaveMcK ...jet guns! Yikes! 😲


Time for a caffeine boost!

sunday status.jpg


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Warm and sunny 11*, I’ve lived here quite awhile. Winter only counts if measured in feet of snow fall, a pesky flurry is 3-4”.



My wife griped about needle gun and got sick for yellow fever and anthrax shots, Individual shots for the latter.


Vaccines are a 💩shoot in Maine, supplies are being Re-shipped and the ones we had some were kept too cold. So, they can’t be used for the moment.


Neighbors at 80 and 70 are still waiting their call. Near as I can tell maybe the end of February- March things should be running smoothly for me.


Time to play in woodpile.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@catwoman500 Yikes, ice!   I took a terrible fall 10 years ago and have a pair of those trax things for walking on ice.   Also I spoke with more health care workers who have had the shot and they said expect a very  sore arm.   


Our acquaintance who had been hospitalized with Covid has passed away in intensive care.  He was only 50 and he would have not been eligible to get the vaccine.  He was not diabetic or a smoker.  I have also been told by an acquaintance that his 80 aunt and uncle tested positive after losing sense of taste and smell, no other symptoms and a full recovery.  This is a truly creepy virus.


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I have this problem when it comes to ice, LaDolce...I don't find it, it finds me.

Like " she comes.  Spread out."  Ha!

I don't know about what it's like to get the Covid vaccine, but my arm was practically immobile after I got the first Shingles shot a week ago.  WOW!  It didn't even come close to feeling like a flu shot or a tetanus shot.  Took 4 days before I could move it like normal due to the pain.  And I still have to get the second one.  (Oh, happy day!  Ha@)

Sorry to hear about your acquaintance passing away...

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@catwoman500 , sounds like PA is running their roll-out identical to VA.  Absolutely, I agree, I do not want nor intend to try and butt ahead of the most vulnerable people and essential workers.


But, on a up note (if there is one), shortages and delays are showing that it appears more people are amenable to getting the vaccine which is critical to returning to a semblance of normalcy.

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@RosemaryF433825 , for sure, it has been a very disappointing and frustrating roll-out.  Hoping 🤞... praying 🙏 that things will improve now.

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Hi folks.  Dreary cloudy day here but not cold, about 45 or so.    Supposed to hit 56 but I have my doubts. 


Our  hospice nurse and his wife have received their first Covid vaccines and only the wife had a negative reaction.   I have received email from my doctor that they have vaccines available. 

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Hi, Folks!

I did watch all of the daytime inauguration events. Guess I turned of the TV around 4 PM.

@wvgirlforever ...I so agree with you about the young poet Amanda Gorman. She was so inspiring.

@MsStretch ...Yes, the lines for the sugar cubes. I do remember that.


I did a pre-registration for the COVID vaccine on our county website. They are supposed to notify you via email when and where you can make an appointment, but there is no vaccine available and like someone mentioned, they are using what they have and will get to continue vaccinating the healthcare workers and those that were originally in the first group.

I certainly want the vaccine ASAP, but will not stand in line for's just not doable.

Plus, I don't want to butt in line ahead of people like teachers and police! I think they should be next after healthcare workers and folks in nursing facilities. If we want to get the schools open, we need to get the teachers vaccinated!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

Today is National Blonde Brownie day (Blondies) 😸



But if I smell coffee.....But if I smell coffee.....


Bronze Conversationalist

Hahahahaha!   Oh my gosh, cat woman!!!!  That kitty poster is just too funny!!!!

And yes... I admit to licking the brownies in the other poster, too.  (There's no calories, that way!)

In regards to the Covid vaccine, I don't think it would be possible to butt in line ahead of first responders or healthcare workers since they get their vaccines at their jobs.

I didn't know the "common people" could pre-register online to get the vaccine.  I'll have to check into that.  However, I know it will take 2 shots to do the trick, and that vaccines are being put aside for the people who have gotten the first one.  And lest we forget, the US companies that are producing the vaccine are also shipping their production to foreign lands as well, and not making the vaccine just for our country.  So there's all kinds of reasons why the vaccine is becoming unavailable for the rest of us right now.

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@wvgirlforever , I remember the sugar cubes, too!  And remember the small pox vaccination when they kept pricking your arm over and over?  And it left a scar forever, it seemed.  I was an Army brat and we were always getting poked and vaccinated for this or that; I can't even remember how many diseases we were protected against.  When we lived overseas, they took no chances; boosters once a year.  Yeah, I don't recall having a say in the matter.


Congrats on getting called down for the vaccine.  Virginia expanded the 75+ to us younger whippersnappers 65+ for the next in line.  But, my health district is still vaccinating the first tier and do not have enough vaccines... yet.

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She is indeed lucky to getting called down for the vaccine.  Just heard on the news a few moments ago that of 50 states, mine is #46th in line to be getting the vaccine for those 65+.

Nothing is expected to even get here until February...and even then, not sure if there will come close to being enough to vaccinate everyone in that age group even the first time around.    Very disappointing news for us...

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Good Wednesday morning to everyone on the Front Porch! Our weatherman tells us  we will have cold temperatures and a chance of snow this weekend.  By the weekend we will see temperatures drop into the teens at night and upper 20's during the weekend day time and into next week.

I'm hoping we will see a peaceful transition of government in the next few hours! 

I wish our new Commander-In-Chief, his Vice President and his administration well.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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18* and cloudy.


Spent this am, listening to Navy band tuning up in front of WH with , Hit the road, Jack to Trump.


Intend to watch the Inauguration of Biden and Harris this day, and avoid outside activities.


We did get flurry action last night, judging by covered snowmobile and 4 wheeler next door.


Time for breakfast and coffee, 



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem  even though I am working from home, my day was spent watching (at times) & listening to the inauguration yesterday.  Several high points to me.  The young poet laureate was amazing.  That young woman will go places in this world.  The sun was shining here in Illinois which made the day even better.  It's a new day!  


@MsStretch I received a call yesterday from my country health department and have an appointment to get my shot on Monday at 1:15.  That made me so happy that I almost felt like crying.  I just wish there weren't people who are saying they won't get the shot.  I think about the polio vaccine that was given out to kids when I was young (sugar cube form) in school.  There wasn't even a question about whether you would take it or not.


Hope everyone will have a wonderful day.  😎

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Vague recollection of Sabin vaccine in Kindergarten or 1st grade, apparently I don’t remember everything.


AntiVaxxers, mumble grumble, not going to comment today. Amazing what some people swallow hook, line and sinker.


As soon as our new batches of vaccine come in, I’ll be on the list. Had spoilage in shipping someone dropped the ball on storage temp’s.


February or March maybe 70+ year olds still ahead of me. 


Time to suit up, need a walk.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Bronze Conversationalist

@wvgirlforever  It seems we are neighboring states!  (Midwest is best!!!)


The morning is bright and reflecting off the crystals in the snow, making it look like someone threw tiny diamonds across the surface.  Beautiful!  

Hope everyone is looking forward to a new year with hope, kindness, peace!


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@Frozenoem , at least we have been moved up to 1b from 1c.  My health district in Virginia is still in 1a, but I filled out my form from the health department providing an email and phone number to be notified.  Latest update from the VDH site says appointments will be made through email.  Sounds like they are trying to avoid those pesky website crashes and those forever waits on hold that many across the country are experiencing.  My sister (year younger) lives in a county further west of me whose health district has moved to 1b.  Need to see if she's been able to score yet. 🤔


Not looking for snow, but is Katahdin open this time of year?  Seems I've always heard AT thru-hikers need to finish by certain time of year due to terminus closure.


Yup, tomorrow is a big day.  Very eerie to see Washington, D.C. shut down and empty.  Sad, really.  Yesterday was MLK Jr. Day and his Memorial was closed. 😞


I have a dentist appointment tomorrow (yes, on Inauguration Day) and then off to get 'lost' in the woods again on Thursday  --  far, far away from the maddening and infectious crowds.  😁

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In the good ol’ days pre-pandemic you’re right come October it was bye , bye.For through hikers.


Now, I can’t even keep up with new reg’s - winter camping is allowed via reservations for skiers , snowmobilers or hikers with sleds.


NH white Mtn forests however are open, for playtime in Tuckerman Ravine or Wildcat Hut systems.


I’ve hit the delicate age where if there isn’t a woodstove or a mummy bag at Trails End not happening. Camping on unheated plywood bunk,in unheated hut Nope, just not happening anymore.


Great when your 20-40, now that my bones make peculiar noises when I lay down - nah, not happening. At least led flashlights don’t freeze as easily as my old searchlights on grain of wheat lamps.


Only 70+ year olds are up for vaccines now, maybe next month for me.We know where we’re supposed to go just awaiting news of when vaccines arrive.


Barely 11” at Katadin we have more snow this year and we’re lower, course they had more life flights from summit.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@catwoman500Your foamy cat cup is hilarious.    A nice  sunny day here in NW Ga, plenty of cold weather for peaches this year. 


An acquaintance of ours in intensive care with the virus.  Hope he makes it, his youngest child is 11, he is early 50s.  I was so happy that I did not know anyone who had contracted this weird disease.

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Good Sunday afternoon to all you Porch Peeps.

We are having a sunny but chilly day. Mild temps for the middle of January, but the wind has been picking up, bringing 43 to a "feels like" 36...still not bad for this time of the year.

Picked up a Powerball ticket as usual when I when grocery shopping today. It's now up to hundreds of millions since no one won last night. Mega-millions is even higher. It's always fun to dream about what you'd do if you won, but with hundreds of millions, it's almost impossible to figure out where you can spread the wealth. 😂


@Frozenoem ...I sure hope you don't freeze up there!


@LaDolceVita ...I know what you mean about being happy none of your close friends contacted COVID. My one friend who did have it still hasn't had her sense of taste or smell return yet. She says it is such a very odd feeling. ☹️


Keep hoping all of you are being cautious and are remaining safe and healthy.


Off to get more coffee...

coffee right meow.gif


Esteemed Social Butterfly

No worries on freezing, heat is working. Firewood backup is Re-stocked, only need to open up 300’ long path to woodpile.


Means we got snow on Saturday with a trace of glaze.Today - Monday 26* awoke to the sounds of chains in driveway. Took awhile to remember what they were, most use studded tires up here.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Trusted Social Butterfly

Hi, Peeps, 

It's Tuesday afternoon.

@Frozenoem's sure been a while since I've heard of chains being used. I remember my dad putting them on the car when I was a little kid. I remember the clunking when the streets got bare and someone still had theirs on, and then that "special" sound when a link broke. 😯

By the time I had a car, studded snow tires were the main thing, and now with all weather tires, we really don't need them here in eastern, PA. Still no snow other than flurries in the forecast. It was flurrying a bit earlier today while the sun was shining. Kind of windy today. My hair was going wild when I came out of the store.

Big day in DC tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed that everything goes well.

As for me...caffeine on the agenda right now...

What? What? no such thing as too much coffee!What? What? no such thing as too much coffee!


Esteemed Social Butterfly

Caffeine will always be on my happy list, for required. It’s now warmed up to 20* and partly cloudy.


It was the skidder in the driveway almost as much as the chains that broke my reveries from dreamland.


Amazes me that some places with ice and snow ban studded tires. The old Jetta and studs always managed to deliver me safely wherever.


Including FL while driving through 2 blizzards to escape to warmer climes. The dogs, wife and I all required warm weather that year, 2 weeks whether required or not - prepandemic.


Really hoping tomorrow goes off without a hitch, surprised McConnell finally admitted someone lied to incite T’s followers.


Back to joy now, need to play with an app, I hate them just never can find a 13-year old when you need one. My niece seems to be better with them , than I am.She can code🤣.


And call around for vaccine, I know where it’s supposed to be, but, I’m one year off from age for this week or months shots. @MsStretch almost old enough - just not quite old enough.


If you truly wish to play in snow, Mt. Washington or Katahdin for joy, just nott try until ai have 2 shots under my belt.🤣


Still getting used to new and improved AARP, expect to see a new post for Jan. 1 that turns into whatever today is when ai open it.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good Thursday morning to everyone on the Front Porch! Our weatherman tells us  we will have mild temperatures and a chance of snow Wednesday night. By the weekend we will see temperatures drop into the low 20's at night and upper 20's during the weekend day time and into next week.

I'm hoping everyone is adjusting to the changes we carried into this new year! May we now be able face a challenge to our country. I'm hoping we can find a peaceful solution to this challenge to our the country's democracy. May we see brighter days ahead. I'm hoping you all are in line to get your vaccines as soon as you can. 

May we again salute our Front line workers who are more over taxed now than ever.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Hello, Everyone!

Some good news to report on the delivery end of things. I finally received that Ebay item that was sent to me on 12/28 from VA and has been sitting in the Philadelphia distribution center since 12/29.

And this one is almost unbelievable...I ordered coffee from Amazon yesterday afternoon and it was here before noon today! I think that's the fastest Amazon has ever delivered to me.

My water bill that was due the 8th finally arrived. Glad I fought to figure out how to pay it online the other day.

I'll keep thinking positive thoughts! 😺

Time for a boost...

marshmallow cats in cup.gif


You all stay well!

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Thursday afternoon or evening I’m confused.


Weather I leave to my back and hip, feels like snow. Weather person says rain, I’ll know by Saturday who wins.


Things are getting weird even in Maine. We’re launching a rocket 🚀 single engine biofueled from Limestone.


Security is tightening up around state house, and some have lost their collective minds.


That’s as non-political as I can get. Give me snow and I may feel like it’s a normal winter, despite what’s happening around the country this year.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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