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Good morning everyone on this Friday morning January 1, 2021



Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this January 1, 2021!

Ringing in 2021 at San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome. Credit...Antonio Masiello/Getty Images

A difficult year comes to a muted end

Most places in the world, from a virtually coronavirus-free New Zealand to an Ireland in lockdown, have now greeted the arrival of 2021.

In Auckland, a fireworks show and parties went on as usual. The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus first emerged, enjoyed boisterous festivities. But in general, celebrations were muted — or virtual — as the world bade good riddance to a difficult year. In most cities, there were no roaring crowds, no gatherings for fireworks shows and, let’s hope, no strangers kissing at midnight.

Though Madrid eased its curfew for the night from midnight to 1:30 a.m., people were told to stay at home as much as possible, to eat the traditional New Year’s Eve grapes while watching events on TV (and gathering in groups of no more than six). London’s Big Ben, largely silent in recent years as its clock tower underwent renovations, rang 12 times at midnight. And in Paris, the only people roaming the Champs-Élysées were some of the 100,000 police officers deployed around the country to prevent crowds from gathering.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@LaDolceVita … I’m sorry about your doggie Tiger! My friend has a cat with diabetes and when we used to meet for breakfast she’d always say, “I have to go home and shoot the cat.” (insulin) 😸

I’m glad you are not affected by the worst of this country’s weather.


Well…this weather certainly is not my cup of tea/coffee!

I am still snowed and iced in from the storm on Thursday and then…

Had a rude awakening at 7 AM…heater making a clanging noise. My heart started pounding. Just what I need…no heat. (I really can’t tolerate the cold lately. I can see why seniors move south!)  Called the company and of course got the night answering person who took my info and said that they’d get back to me. Around 8 AM I got a call and the guy said he’d be over within the hour. He got here about 8:45.

Then he left to get a part and came back. Sure hoped he could fix it as it was getting cool in here. When he left for the part, he had fixed it so that there was heat, but still the clanging. (My head was starting to clang, too!)

He left around 10:45, and my heater is fixed… THANK GOODNESS!!!!!! I was so happy that they were that fast!

Wish I could send some heat and water to the poor folks in Texas.


Then I went out to try to re-shovel the path I made to the street yesterday, but it has since been packed down and iced over, so some areas are just solid ice. I think I may be stuck here until June.

I sure hope that everyone on the porch is safe from bad weather conditions.

"Whoa, I got up too early. I need coffee!""Whoa, I got up too early. I need coffee!"



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Good Morning!

-20 degrees with the windchill at 11:00 a.m. here today, with wind chill advisories of -30 degrees predicted all weekend.  No temps to the plus and more snow coming tomorrow.  Poor little cupid is going to freeze his little bare, rosy behind on Valentines Day here on Sunday!   Ha!

Weather like this cuts into my motivation to do anything more than curl up with my new kitten, a warm blanket, and a good book.  I need a shot of adrenaline...or is that blackberry brandy???

Stay warm to those living in snowy places!!


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Weekend, here I come!Weekend, here I come!


Hi there, Peeps!

It was not too bad clearing the snow yesterday, so I was able to run to the Giant for a few groceries this morning. I am pretty sure I won’t be able to make my regular Sunday morning run since ice is predicted Saturday night into Sunday. UGH!

Apparently we are in for more ugly weather…it’s the ice I hate most… three more times before next weekend. As always, I just hope the power holds.


@RosemaryF433825 …that sounds like a good decision about the birdseed. If I did that I’d have every squirrel in the county come along. I envy you with a new kitten! 😻


@MsStretch …our state continues to be in an utter mess with the vaccines. Heard from my medical network that it may be 12 weeks before they will be reaching out to us (and I mean the 65 plussers!) Trickling in like @RosemaryF433825  said.


@Frozenoem ... Yeah, deliveries from companies other than USPS are seemingly on time. Just ordered a bunch of staples from BOXED yesterday, and UPS just dropped it off. That was amazingly fast…paper towels, paper for the printer, Lysol spray, etc!


@LaDolceVita ...sorry to hear about the laryngitis. I hadn’t heard if it is a COVID symptom or not. I used to get it once a year when I was teaching. Haven’t had it since I retired. LOL I must not talk that much now. 😹 It always was a thing on its own…never with a cold or sinus infection with me. I agree with Rosemary.


Not too keen on brandy, Rosemary, but how about a shot of Jim Beam Red Stag black cherry bourbon on the rocks? That is a good one!

Guess I’ll just stick to my Chardonnay later this evening.

You all stay safe and warm now.


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Hello, Porch Peeps!

I hope you are all doing/eating/watching something you love today!

Well, we got the ice, but it certainly wasn't as bad as other parts of the country. Ours was just the black ice that made going anywhere a no-no.

I looked out this morning and saw that everything was shiny, so went back to bed instead of getting ready to go to the grocery store.

Tried again to get an online appointment for the vaccine, but that was a waste of time. They gave out hundreds of appointments at 8:30, but I wasn't one of them. Oh, well. I swear around here you have to know someone to get a vaccination. Friends in the next county are getting their second one Tuesday. I know he worked for some medical group and therefor had an "in"! 

And so I will wait.

Enjoy your day. Stay safe. Drink coffee. Take a nap.



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@catwoman500   Awww....KITTIES!!!!

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25* and cloudy with a heat wave before Arctic chill and snow (I’ll take even 8” at this stage) for Monday.


Finally made it out to civilization (kinda). Time for Haven’s strawberry dipped.

Enjoy your day.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Oh what fun it is to play and walk in the snow! ☃






Yeah, I don't like it either.Yeah, I don't like it either.


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Oh it’s a small person (child) try it when 5-6’human and only the head or shoulders appear above the snow.


No, I won’t show picture sworn to picture Uh Uh. Mention repeatedly only for another year.


Besides I was up quicker than camera could come Out, from beneath layers of parka, fleece, sweater and Woolrich shirt.


When wearing snowshoes repeatedly say, I’m lighter than air” , might work until a poorly mannered Fox steps on your snowshoes followed by a GSD, And a beagle.🤣



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Morning it’s -12* and sunny ice crystals on the window. Awoke and turned on furnace and fed the fire, I refuse to even think what feels like temp is now.


Snowcat hopefully arrives at either 11am or 6*, I have time and temp range of happiness.

Enjoy need to see if we were hallucinating last night did we fix or were we seeing things.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi folks!   Hope everyone in the midwest is staying warm.   Maine looks awful cold too.  Cold temps were predicted here too but the forecast has changed and it will not be terribly cold in the foreseeable future.  


I have laryngitis and if it does not get better I will get a Covid test Monday.   I thought all I had to do was go to the health department to get one but that is not the case.  County sets up pop up locations,  first come first served. The drug stores offer them for $129.  I feel well and do not have other symptoms but have never had laryngitis before.

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Hi LaDolceVita!


If you don't have any other symptoms but laryngitis, it doesn't sound like you would need to get a Covid test.  Might I suggest drinking hot tea to soothe your voice box, and possibly suck on lozenges?  That should calm down the inflammation.   Usually, losing your voice will heal itself unless you are terribly sick with other symptoms as well. 


Super Contributor

It''s been in the 70's here in Tucson. 

Trusted Contributor

@srk5cats now you're just bragging with the 72 degrees in Tucson.  So far this winter, we've had 32.5" of snow total.  The temp has been in the single digits and we're headed for a -32 windchill this coming weekend.  Are you sure you don't want to come and visit for a few days? 😂😂

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I know I’m late to arrive been busy - ugh! 9* lovely degrees in Rangeley, ME had to do a pickup, block heaters rule.


208,302 Vaccines administered in our state, still 70+ year olds, I think I’ll remain in the boonies for awhile longer.




Glad you got your cookies, everything is coming, UPS and FedEx thankfully. Need cardboard for fire starting in catalytic stove🤣.


Believe I may return to happy valley Friday, and then some semblance of normalcy.

If my snowcat arrives on time.




Knee cap high snows try to stay on trails,Re- learned that last night , stepped off trail in snowshoes and discovered the joy of snow to my neck.


Luckily the persons I was with hauled my posterior out, no struggling required think they really want their repeater running.🤣

Perhaps this link to npr will assist it goes to all cdc links, at present .


Vaccine based on pop. Vs risk 


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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That kind of information is forbidden knowledge for people living with a -20 windchill in the Midwest!   Ha!

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@wvgirlforever , fortunately the day of my vaccine, I also received a vaccine card and an appointment reserving a 2nd shot in my name.  Pfizer requires the 2nd shot at 3 weeks and Moderna is at 4 weeks, so mine is right on time. 


I understand some states are having problems with getting their residents scheduled for their 2nd booster, as they move into the 2nd phase and more vaccines are needed and used.  Little scary to hear that IL is saying no vaccines are to be held back, BUT, on an upnote, I see that vaccine deliveries to states have amped up 28% in the last couple of weeks, and with J&J likely to come on board soon, it can only get better and more efficient. 


@RosemaryF433825 , has your state moved into 1b and did they move the 65+ into 1b instead of originally 1c?


We keep avoiding the major winter storm stuff here in VA.  The winter storm warnings and advisories are fading to nothing quickly.  *knocking on wood*  But snow or not, vaccine or not, it still doesn't make a difference with me staying hunkering down in the safety of my own home and my own space.  (6' please. 😷

Bronze Conversationalist


According to my state guidelines, I am eligible and in the prioritized age group to receive the Covid vaccine.  However, the vaccine availability is just trickling in, and is not expected to be available to prioritized age groups for months yet.  And there is no time line available for when that might even be.

I signed up to receive information on when the vaccines would be available at my pharmacy. However, currently, they have no idea when that might be.



Honored Social Butterfly

@catwoman500 , I'm surprised to hear that about PA and that there is still a wait list for 1a.  Of course, every state and/or county/district is handling it differently, but for the most part I think they are all sticking to federal guidelines issued for the tiers.  VA is still vaccinating 1a, but all health districts have moved into 1b.  That's how I got mine.  The minute I saw my email, I was on the site scheduling my first shot before when and if they did run out on the first 1b wave.  (Interestingly, my sister who lives in VA, but in a different less-populated health district which moved into 1b before we did, is still waiting to get notified of availability.)


Sad to think peeps actually share their links and on social media, too! 😮  I remember my email said for recipient only but I am sure there are dodos across the entire country sharing.  I had to fill out a survey form providing my essential information and submit to be notified, so I am not sure when I did make an appointment online, if they verified the original info I provided to when I made the appointment.


I understand that J&J have requested emergency authorization and vaccines will ship to pharmacies like CVS, etc.  Hopefully, supplies will significantly ramp up.  I got the Moderna one yesterday, not that I had a choice but I was willing to take whatever was available.


Hang in there.  All we can do, I guess.


Calling for some more of that ❄ white stuff ❄ here too on Sunday.  Ah well, good day for hunkering down and watching Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl and a little thing called the Super Bowl.  HIKE! 🏈

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Ms Stretch?  I found out that each of our 50 states has been assigned a number in regard to their population.  The vaccines are being given out according to that.  My state is #48, which means we all have a long while to wait until the vaccine gets to us "common folk."

There are also vaccines being held back so they will be available for the second (booster) vaccine.

At the rate our state is going, I'll be surprised if we even get our first doses by Spring. 


Trusted Contributor

@RosemaryF433825  Our governor here in Illinois has instructed that no vaccines are to be held back.  I haven't heard anything about the states being numbered at all either.  That's interesting!  I just keep checking my county health web site so that I can get signed up for my 2nd shot which should be around the 22nd.  More snow last night but the sun is shining again this morning. However, the temps are still in the single digits with minus degrees of windchill.  It is winter though so just keep being happy that I wake up every morning to see another day.  Everyone stay safe and warm. one of my grandsons and my granddog, Bea ♥one of my grandsons and my granddog, Bea ♥

Bronze Conversationalist

Hi wvgirl!  : )

I wish I could remember what link I went to to find out in the information about the states and how they were numbered...because I know it was something I read from a reliable source and not just something I heard from someone else or some false baloney I read on the Internet.  I also recall mentioning it to my physician who agreed with me.  If I can remember or locate the source, I would be glad to post it here on Morning Roll Call.  (Nice pic of your grandson and granddog, by the way!  )



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Good Afternoon Porch Peeps!

@Frozenoem…my GS cookies arrived on Monday after a couple days of delay. They don’t sound like they are broken. Haven’t opened any yet. Plan to have a treat on Valentine’s Day…which box to open???? Big decision.


@MsStretch …I definitely will take whichever vaccine is available. Besides pre-registering on the county’s website, I have now (hopefully) submitted forms for 2 pharmacies. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but I’m figuring the more lists I’m on, the better. Some places who are supposed to have the vaccines, have deactivated their online forms and are saying NOT to call the pharmacy. I understand that as they have regular pharmacy business to conduct.

My friends who are now at their Myrtle Beach house are scheduled to get their vaccines today. Waiting to hear if they did.


@RosemaryF433825 …good grief. Please be careful when venturing out in this snow. I still have about 10 inches against the door in my family room and my back door.


We got more snow on Sunday which meant my grocery trip was put off until yesterday. I wouldn’t have even been able to get out of the driveway yesterday if some guy from up the street hadn’t given everyone’s’ driveway a little help with his snow blower Sunday night. I asked if I could pay him and he said, no, he loves to do this. I need to find out his address so I can at least send a gift card. He certainly needs to pay for gas!

I need to get bloodwork done, so hoping I can go tomorrow morning before the next storm arrives. Looks like there will be more this weekend and into next week.

You all take care!

"This is getting old!""This is getting old!"



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Hey, cat woman!

Thanks for your concern for my safety!  

Being short-legged does NOT help when the darn snow comes up to my knees!

I've decided I'm going to put some trays out with birdseed next to my driveway so I don't have to maneuver through any snow.   


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Enjoying a bit of reprieve before the cold weather comes back next Friday.  It has been colder than usual this winter  but no snow or ice thankfully.   Life is hard enough with virus, my immune disorder  and the  chores. 

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We've had more snow this winter than I can remember in a very long time, here!  It seems the day we get caught up on snow removal, another winter storm comes.  Had a downright blizzard over the weekend, so I made sure I went out and got my bird feeders filled beforehand.  Unfortunately, the snow gave way under my feet and I went so far down in it I didn't think I would ever get out.  It was like sinking in quicksand...very SCARY...especially with no on else around.

Please be careful...not only on the roads but just walking across your yard.  

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Hello to those here on the Front Porch this morning! Have a good First Thursday Morning of February 2021! Sitting here watching the freezing rain appear on the windows. The snowfall will start about 11:00 Am. Looking at another 5" of new wet snow by 8:00PM. Schools are all closing and roads will be a mess as it will be very cold for several days. 


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
Trusted Contributor

Happy Thursday morning @DaveMcK .  Nothing happening here right now but snow supposed to start around noon today and get 2-4".  After that we head for the -5 degrees or somewhere around that.  Right now my snow is pilled up almost waist high on the side of my driveway.  It won't be melting anytime soon. Have a good day & stay safe & warm. 😎

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Having a heat wave 29* pure snow clouds, 6” maybe. The foundation is covered no granite to be seen anywhere.👍


Been busy still digging out tomorrow the wood pile with luck. Rain/sleet only on coast.


Looking at one month for my age group, we’ve started mass vaccination sites. It happens when it happens, in Maine 500 showed up at Bangor site during storm.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Peeping snowman.jpg


Good Friday morning Porch Peeps!

Woke to snow again, but an hour later the sun came out and has been shining brightly ever since. This should melt some of it. Yesterday I worked hard to get enough snow from the end of the driveway so I could finally get out this AM and get to the bank, Fresh Market, and of course, Starbucks! I did sleep well last night!

We got a few notices and an admonishment from our county about the vaccine:


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA — The national vaccine shortage continues to severely impact Montgomery County, as the wait line for those eligible to receive doses in the 1A priority group has drastically grown.

There are now 139,926 residents pre-registered and waiting for doses, officials said. At the current rate that doses are being received, and the rate at which this line is being processed, it could take up to 12 weeks for residents to hear back about scheduling their appointment following their pre-registration.

Montgomery County residents are being asked to not share their COVID-19 vaccine appointment registration links with friends and family, or on social media, when they receive them via email from the county.

County Commissioner Dr. Valerie Arkoosh on Wednesday pleaded with residents to keep the link to themselves, telling them it isn't moral or ethical when people have been waiting their turn to receive the vaccine if they are not eligible for Phase 1A.

"If you receive an appointment link, that link is only meant for you based on your eligibility and whether it is your first or second dose. People are taking these links and posting them on social media and this creates the opportunity for people to jump the line and people who are not eligible to register," Arkoosh said.


"I am just asking people to be honest and not jump the line. If you didn't get the link from the county then you should not have the link," Arkoosh concluded.


I'll play by the rules and wait my turn.


@Frozenoem GS cookies are supposed to be delivered tomorrow by Fed Ex. I'll let you know if I get cookies or crumbs! 😸

We may get more of this on Sunday.We may get more of this on Sunday.




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Good evening everyone on the Front Front Porch! I got my first Covid-19 vaccination on Monday February 1st and my second shot will be February 22nd. Mary will get her first shot on Monday the 8th. Glad to hear that so many here have gotten their 1st Vaccinations or will get it soon. 

Tomorrow we will be waking up to freezing rain which will be turning to snow later in the morning with about 5" more on top of the last two storms of about 5" each over the last two weekends! 

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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