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How to Post Photos in the Forum

If you're trying to figure out how to include photos in a post, it's easy. Just follow these steps:


1. In the message window of a new message, click on the camera icon that says "Photos" above the box.

2. Click the "Choose files" button to select the image(s), or drag and drop the images in the designated photo area.

3. Click the "Done" button at the bottom once you've uploaded the desired image(s).

4. Click "Post" to post the message with photos to the forum.




Social Butterfly


Thanks Vicki

Appreciate the Info I used to wonder how 

Now need your help I posted on a thread attached photo that was up straight but when it loaded into post its sideways???? I've tried all I can see Is there a way to turn it? Or how avoid it turning if I remove & redo? What do you suggest?


Ginger :  )

Retired Community Manager

@gm5271 Hi Ginger,


I'm checking on this for you. Not sure what's causing the images to post sideways or what to do about it. I haven't encountered that before. I'll let you know as soon as I find out something.



Retired Community Manager

@gm5271 Hi Ginger,


There is no edit feature for photos as you attach them. Are you sure the image is originally upright before attaching? Could you try deleting it and reattaching it to see if it comes in properly and let us know if that works or if it still is posting sideways? 


One thought--if the image was originally taken horizontally and then rotated, maybe that's why it's showing up sideways. Is this happening with any other photos you upload to posts?

Social Butterfly


Thanks Vicki for your help 

I did delete & tried many different pics from same & different time they all went sideways even rotated few b4 try attach to see if be correct once posted but didn't affect it 

I haven't had this issue before with any other pics posted 

I've checked and its something with my phone camera pics If do Screenshot or a pic I've downloaded no issues but any taken with phone sideways My phone had an update musta messed it up

So thanks for help 

Have a great Holiday Weekend 

Ginger  : ) 


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