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Elderly dog

I am taking care of my older dog, who has elevated liver levels on his bloodwork. It's really tough to give him his medicine, but I get through it. He has an ultrasound scheduled for next week. He is such a sweet little dog - a miniature poodle. I love him so much. My late husband loved him too and it was mutual. I'll take it a day at a time. He still likes his daily walks and he loves to get cuddled.

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They give us so much love thru out their lives,when the time comes for us to prepare for their next journey its always so very hard. I just lost one of my "guys" and I always draw strength from knowing that I'll see them again,happy and healthy and waiting to greet me at the Rainbow Bridge. You are doing a wonderful thing for the little guy, my thoughts are with you.

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Thank you. After I give him his medicine and before, I cuddle him and rock him and talk sweetly to him. Thank you Lee for your support.

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1 comment 👉(11/30/22) Hi @CarolynS674392IF you do not mind "sharing with us" (no pressure to do so as usual) - how old is he? And what is his name? Thanks, Nicole 🙂 

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His name is Augie and he is 14 (approximately). He was adopted six years ago as a senior dog then. We got him from a shelter. He has always been healthy and strong.

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