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As a Native American I don't stand for the " national anthem " nor do I pledge any allegiance to the flag. What Kaep did and may continue to do was not out of disrespect but his way to peacefully protest the injustice & inequalities that certain Americans face day after day. It was his way of saying " We the People Are not United nor Are We treated equally". 

There will come a time when the wounds will be so deep that there will be no hope for healing.

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United in song...

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This brought tears to my eyes...


United In Song: National Anthem - Madisen Hallberg and Emmanuel Henreid - PSU Virtual Commencement 2... 


Please know "I'm with Kaep" and understand and applaud his kneeling protest.


Moments like this reassure me we can overcome anything thrown at us to divide us... we will do the right thing!





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