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Colin Powell

Today we lost, imho, the last American hero, yet no post on AARP?


I'm curious about that. My opinion of him was he did what he thought was right for the United States. Other countries suffered, yes, but his loyalty to the US was apparent and valued by us.


There were disparaging remarks toward him, but again, he was true to his nation!


I will never appreciate disparagement of this American hero! Son, Husband, Father, Grandfather, TRUE AMERICAN HERO! Fully vacinnated!


RIP Colin Powell, my hero! 





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@WebWiseWoman wrote:

Today we lost, imho, the last American hero, yet no post on AARP?


I'm curious about that.

I am sure that the lack of posts about Colin Powell is attributable, not to the man's accomplishments or lack thereof, but to two factors:


(1) The lack of participation in these discussion boards. After all, if AARP has 38,000,000 members, you'd expect some activity on these discussion boards, but thread after thread have little to no activity.

(2) The animus that AARP has had toward POLITICAL DISCUSSION. I believe that many that might have made comments, good or bad, about Powell were afraid that AARP might take action against them.


Too bad, he was a great man.


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There were political boards here but during the Trump years they got totally out of control!




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Could not have said it better!

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There is no issue with this tribute to Colin Powell here on the Front Porch.

But keep in mind that the Front Porch is a political free Zone.


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Keep this area open for those that want a place to come for conversations with friends that want a break from today's pressures and grind. 





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