Format of my name is different on new membership card

I just received a new membership card from you (I don't know why), and I notice that the format of my name appears changed. Instead of First I. Last, it now appears as Mx. First Last, where Mx is the traditional Mr./Ms. title prefix. In this time of increasing gender fluidity, I don't want any gendered prefix or title used with my name. (Not to mention prefixes based on marital status.)


And this change in the card violates the policy I just read in your help here, where it explicitly states that only the title Dr. is ever used on membership cards.


So I'll keep using my existing card, thank you. And I ask that you reconsider forcing old-fashioned gender-based titles on unwilling members. Evolve  forward, not back.

Community Concierge

@snissen You've come to the right place- let's fix this! I located your membership and I was able to correct your name to remove the title. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks to receive your new permanent membership card via mail. You can also print a copy of your corrected membership card online anytime at I'm always here to help, let me know if there's anything further I can do!

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