AARP deceptive membership renewal practices

This morning when I logged into AARP I received a pop-up notice that my membership was going to expire and that I could renew for as low as $9/year and receive a gift.

I renewed for 5 years. When I checked my membership expiration, it says that it now expires in 2031... which means that my membership was NOT about to expire -- not until 2026!

Why is AARP trying (and succeeeding in my case) to take advantage of its members like this?? My impression of the organization was that part of its raison d'etre was to PREVENT these kinds of things!

This has seriously damaged my trust in AARP.

EDIT: Apparently this is part of the reason AARP has a 1.16 out of 5 at (the Better Business Burea). Really wish I had known this before I joined!

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@AdamS593258 Thank you for being a part of our family! I'm so sorry for any distrust this has caused. It sounds like you took advantage of our Cyber Week special pricing. We have this offer posted all over our site for anyone that may be interested. Please send me a private message with more details if there's anything at all that I can do to help: How to Send a Private Message

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