UHC or Accendo for Plan G?

UHC vs Accendo Plan G


We are in the final stages of choosing our Plan G company. UHC and Accendo have rates within a few dollars of each other in our zip code. I’ve talked to several agents and get differing answers, so if you actually have either of these policies, I would appreciate your input.


If you have anything good or bad to say about either, please let me know. I want to pick something for life and not count on being able to pass underwriting in the future.




The enrollment premium gets reduced by 3% between the ages of 69 and 80. What happens on the years that there is no reduction in enrollment premium? Can there be an age related increase in price in addition to the reduction in enrollment benefit?


UHC offers a household discount of 7%. Is that guaranteed in the contract? Can it be reduced? What happens when your spouse dies?


I understand that the Renew Active membership can be withdrawn at any time. Are there any other benefits that can be withdrawn?




Accendo offers a household discount of 14%. Is that guaranteed in the contract? Can it be reduced? What happens when you spouse dies? 


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If you go directly to UHC's sales website (or my 7-6-22 post in this forum), you will see that their initial discount, and discount-reduction schedule, have now changed to be a lot more generous to current enrollees than those who enrolled in prior years, like myself.  My policy, obtained in March, 2019, initiated with 36% discount, which started declining by 3 points/year the very next year.  But for a new enrollee today, the initial discount is now 45%, and stays at that level for a couple years, after which it starts declining by only *2* points per year -- so you'll still be getting more than a 25% discount at age 77, instead of the ZERO% discount I will "enjoy" at 77 and beyond.

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I am in a similar situation to yours when you made your original post except I am compaing UHC and Humana.  I would appreciate knowing if you were able to find the information you were looking for, what decision you made, and if you are comfortable with your decision.  Thanks!

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@kb844472  My experience with UHC they offered a 30% discount on your premiums when you are a new issue to Medicare. Then every year for the next 10 years your premiums will increase 3% just to bring you up to the real cost of a plan G minus the discount. Also expect your premium to increase for the expected increase in healthcare costs each year. Example: year one increase 3% plus 8%?? or whatever the increase in healthcare cost is for that year for an 11% premium increase.


UHC considers themselves a community rated or no age rated meaning your premium isn’t rated on your age. A 66-year-old man in a given community would pay the same amount as a 76-year-old man living in the same community. However, it was explained to me if you received the discount at age 65 and the discount decreases each year for 10 years the pricing model ends up being similar to age-attained.


I’ve never heard of Accendo, must not be offered in my state. Surprised to learn it is a subsidiary of CVS Caremark and administered by Aetna. 


I’d suggest checking with an insurance agent who sells those two company plans might be the wise thing to do. You don’t have to purchase the plans from an agent but a least you’d get their expert opinion on those plans.


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