Refund check for drug overcharges that has never been recieved

I recieved a letter in mid june 2020 stating that UHC had sent me a check for $522.68 for overcharges on my drugs purchased through OPTUMRX and my local pharmacy that has never been cashed. They included a form to have OPTUMRX and UHC re-cut a check for the $522.68 and it was sent on july 1,2020. They said that once it was recieved, it would be processed and re-issued in 7 - 10 business days and I should recieve it in 30 days thus I should have recieved by mid-august. It is now mid-september and still no check, just a runaround when I inquire when check was sent and when i should recieve. I have now contacted the Attorney General in the State of Nebraska's medicare fraud division to file a formal complaint. I had UHC- AARP medicare complete HMO and was getting all my statements to my current address thru December 2019 when I moved my coverage to Humana medicare HMO. As of today, September 15, 2020, I have not recieved the refund check for the overcharges on the OPTUMRX perscriptions.

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This sounds very fishy to me - there are lots of scams going around.


Did you have to give any of your personal info on the request?  Like your social security number and/or your bank account number?


Do you know whether or not the claim was even correct - i.e. that you are owed money??


I think it is good that you contacted the AG but if you did give out any of your personal info on the request like your SS # and/or your bank account info - you need to also contact Medicare Fraud Unit.  Also make sure that your bank account and social security account is secure - same for your credit.


This is kind of old but scammers sometimes just redo old scam and put them back into service again.

AARP: 6 Common Medicare Scams 


I hope I am wrong but unless you are assured that the "refund" is substantiated by the insurer and you understand the problem - then it could be a scam and you need to protect yourself NOW.

It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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