Optum RX is totally the Worst

Have had multiple issues with Optum over the years, but it is getting worse by the month.

Latest, they screwed up listings for two of my prescriptions. Put name of medication on prescription that they had nothing to do with. I had paid cash at local pharmacy for that one. Original prescription they could not refill because medicine name was on two different numbers. Their solution was to delete both from system and get new prescription from doctor.

They screwed that up with wrong doctor information on one web page than another.

Several phone calls and call backs consuming hours of my time.

New prescription for same medication I have been taking for years.

Web site says estimated delivery 11/10. Today is late on11/16. Web site says it shipped on 11/10---huh? Says 1-2 days tracking info will be there. It is not. Called, same recording saying hi traffic volume, but someone answered within 2 min. However, after explaining situation, she put me on hold for 25 min. Came back to tell me it was USPS problem not theirs. That USPS had told them they would not be updating tracking information.

USPS says that label and number are generated by Optum at Optum's facility, not by USPS. That USPS does not start tracking until it is received and scanned in by them. Optum says it is USPS problem because they put it in the bin and sent it out the door.

Optum will not do anything until after 19th. But the charge on my credit card cleared on the 11th.

Unfortunately, this is not the first (not even close) time that Optum has screwed things up. My wife gave up over a year ago and gets her medications filled at Walmart on time. Sometimes a little more, but sometimes a little less cost........and a helluva lot less hassle.

Seems like a good idea. United Healthcare sends her letters regularly about how she could save lots by going to Optum. Not from her experience.

Do yourself a favor do not use Optum for anything.

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OptumRx is a PBM and mail order pharmacy.


Other than convenience, I see little if any benefit to getting drugs by mail.


Filling locally allows you to pay cash using something like GoodRx and achieve a lower price vs your plan copay. Sometimes the savings is significant.


I recently priced dorzolamide timolol. A carton of individual doses is more expensive than the bottle/dropper combo but each has its' own benefit.


GoodRx price for the bottle is around $15 vs a copay of $100+ for several PDP's. Cartons are $55 with GoodRx vs $200 copay with a drug plan.



Bark less. Wag more.
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