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Medicare will Cover Your New Covid Booster this year

The FDA has approved both the new Pfizer and Moderna Covid boosters for anybody over the age of 6 months and yesterday the CDC ACIP concurred - approved for everybody over the age of 6 months.  The NON-mRNA created by Novavac should be approved shortly also.


By getting these government approvals - it means that insurance companies have to cover them - public and private insurers.


Think these new vacs are already available in clinics and pharmacies nationwide.  They started stocking up after the FDA gave their approval and if people were going to have to pay for them (if CDC. ACIP approval didn’t come) they would just have to be paid for by the patient - at about $ 130 a pop.


KFF Health News 09/13/2023 -  Why the CDC Has Recommended New Covid Boosters for All


The last covid booster didn’t go over too well with the general public - only 17% of people got it - the ones previous (during the height of the pandemic) got to about 50% coverage.


Now the decision is in your court - my doc said it was up to me - he isn’t pushing it.


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