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Medicare Drug Plan Finder

No details yet . . . information only released to folks who are registered to receive CMS Medicare updates. Nothing public that I have seen.


It appears CMS will be changing the Medicare Drug Plan Finder site as of Oct 1, 2019. What I have been told is . . .


The only way you can input your medications, and SAVE THEM, is to create an account. Could be the same gateway as MyMedicare or something new.


Not a lot of details.


Currently your drug list can be saved and retrieved WITHOUT an account. The only thing you need to retrieve your list is the Drug List ID and Password Date.


That is supposedly going away.


Maybe Rosanne Rosannadanna has some information. She is really good at digging up the details.

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We now have a few details. 


Ready. Fire. Aim.


It appears the new site will roll out Sept 2  . . . ready or not, here it comes.


The old site will go dark 9/30/2019.


SHIP organizations, who seem to be their primary test dummies, fear they will not have enough time to train their volunteers.


What a mess!


Interesting that the author drew conclusions to the last CMS consumer site . . . . . . which was, and still is, not only buggy  bu vulnerable to hacks.


Most recently in 2018 when the personal data for 75,000 people was exposed.


Of course a tool such as the plan finder is meaningless to consumers who don't comparison shop. The simply buy based on name recognition.


Because you are leaving money on the table  . . .



I find it interesting that the driving force to create a more user friendly interface was apparently never tested by actual consumers.


That would be Medicare beneficiaries . . .


What could possibly go wrong.

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