Marketplace Insurance and Income

Ok, I'm 63 and have been relatively self employed. I have a the marketplace insurance with 0 $ premium.  However in June I took on a job making $45K per year and my wife an additional $12 

So now the question begs do I keep my current job and risk the chance of losing a subsidy and having to pay a large premium per month for health insurance.    I also took on early retirement SS before accepting this job.  So I could lose my Social Security monthly and pay a much larger monthly payment for health insurance.


What to do??   What makes the best financial sense?

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Do you have a Social Security account? If yes, have you looked at it and read all the FAQs and other information provided? Check to see what amount you can make before you start losing some of your SS income. Where do you live and have you checked out any of the advantage plans offered, what they provide and the cost. Check everything out and then you and your wife should decide what is best for both of you.


The United States Social Security Administration (

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