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I’m 65. My wife is 63.

I’m 65. My wife is 63. Should I drop my insurance from my employer and just have Medicare and get a plan for my wife for two years? My plan is almost free with my employer but I pay $450 a month adding her. 

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That depends on several factors related to the cost and the benefits.  I know you think I could probably answer this in a few sentences but anything to do with Medicare or health insurance is not that simple. 


It is not just your wife's health care cost that you must decide on - it is also your Medicare cost that has to be part of the equation.


A couple of suggestions to help you figure out all the cost and benefits - 

Read "Medicare and YOU"  

Check the price of your wife's coverage on the exchange.

Determine the quality / size and coverage credibility of your employer coverage as deemed by Medicare - How Medicare Works With Other Insurance 


Once you have some basic knowledge on your choices (and hers) you can either ask more pointed questions if need be here or you can see a local, knowledgeable Medicare insurance broker in your area that represent many different plans and insurers to determine the best options.


Your current question is very opened ended - Medicare itself has premium cost too - so it all has to be figured out together for the best health benefits - coverage and cost for both of you.



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