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How is your Plan N going?

After six months of educating myself on Medicare, researching both Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans, I've come to the conclusion that Medigap Plan N is the best choice for me.


If you took Medigap Plan N, I am wondering how your Medigap Plan N is working out for you. What insurance company did you end up going with? I am thinking that AARP United Health Care (UHC) is probably the best insurance company of the choices I have, but if you have a different opinion, I'd love to hear your experiences.


So my question is UHC Plan N - good choice or you wish you had taken some other option?


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Good as any - you know what you pay and what you get -For Plan N  just make sure you see providers that accept assignment or there maybe some higher charges you have to pay (Part B excess charges). You will probably be fine unless providers stop taking Medicare assignment in groves - WHO Knows, not me - I never say never!


Personally it is just GAP insurance so as long as you can afford the premiums for a MediGAP policy of whichever alphabet - you are good to go.  Plan N isn’t the Cadillac - but it is fine.


Some beneficiaries just cannot afford MediGAP coveage at all when 1st signing up or even later when premiums rise - thus they have to have other options.


States actually govern a lot about MediGAP plans - so if you are in a state where you can switch at specific times - usually to an equal or lesser plan - you have some options - in most states, you cannot switch without being scrutinized for underwriting.  


I would urge you to look at your states dept of insurance for their rules on Medicare supplemental plans.



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Thanks GailL1!

I guess if no one is complaining then most people are satisfied.  I could do Plan G, but insurance premiums are subject to inflation and Plan G has the largest premiums.  Thought about Plan G High Deductible which has the lowest of the medigap premiums, but the high deductible is psychologically difficult (and also subject to inflation).  Medicare Advantage is just full of complaints in these forums, and it has that huge max-out-of-pocket, which again is also subject to inflation.  I figure I've got 25 to 30 years to go, so that's plenty of time for inflation to inflate.

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