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Help! Losing my mind over Social Security/Medicare CS non-answers

I'm trying to work a 10 hour + day job on a new project for the past month AND deal with Social Security, Medicare reps who have been NO help, along with United Health Care. 

I applied for a UHC supplemental plan a few weeks ago then went directly onto the Medicare/Social Security website and applied for Medicare Part A & B. I turn 65 on 8/20. The bar graph thingy on the website looks lime my application process is about 75-80% complete. I was unable to purchase a Plan D prescription plan when I signed up because you must have a Medicare Number to buy it. So I called Medicare who referred me to SS to ask if I could go ahead and get my Medicare number so I can purchase a Plan D because I will need to get three prescriptions filled in August and if I'm not signed up and paid by the first of August it won't go into effect until the first of September. 

I was told no and that my application is in the Chicago office where it might take up to 90 DAYS to get my number and card! I asked what a person is supposed to do about prescriptions and medical cost prior to that time, and particularly if you had an emergency situation requiring an ER or hospitalization. Again she had no idea. 

I called UHC to sign up for a supplement. Actually I called just to ask a question and ended up with the UHS guy signing me up on the phone. It was lengthy and I got bombarded with so much information and so many questions that I can't remember what I was told. Anyway, I have never received an e-mail, call or anything in the mail from UHC so I don't know when that goes into effect, will I receive a card in the mail, etc. 

I've worked a pretty stressful job the past 30 years but I don't think I've ever been more frustrated or confused. 

 Any ideas or help anyone can give me on when I get what, what I should be on the lookout for and what to do about treatment and prescriptions in the meantime. My regular insurance expires August 1st. 

I know this e-mail sounds crazy but I'm at work and trying to do it in a rush. 


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This may not be much help, but depending on how urgent your health condition is or where you live, but I suggest you Go to either the Social Security office and discuss the problem person to person or go to a public hospital or clinic until all this is taken care of.    You will need to go Monday morning and it may tak a very long time depending on how large a city you live in.   Also, try to get some long term care insurance.  I am 78 and my best friend of 74 years is having a problem with her husband being in a Skilled Nursing Facility.  He is 84, she is in poor health herself and doesn't have anyone to help her, when he comes home in about a month. Right now he can not sit up alone or walk without help.  He is also legally blind and deaf.   Currently, I am trying to find out how I can get some kind of coverage for when and if I get in that situation.  I am over the limit for long term care ins.  Get it while you are eligible. 

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What type of insurance do you have now and are you able to stay on that plan until Medicare kicks in?


Are you already drawing Social Security? If you are, you should get your Medicare card without having to do anything.


For Medicare plans you should start getting all kinds of offers from insurance companies that offer plans.





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