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Health Care Costs

I was admitted to the hospital May 24, 2019 for a very serious case of cellulitus.  I went to ICU for about a week, then recovery for another week.  Then was transferred to a rehab facility for 2 weeks.  Then three weeks later the blistered wounds were not getting any better, so they readmitted me to the same hospital.  Three days later I had surgery to remove fluid, and basiclly clean out any fluids that remained, causing pain.  Two days later I was transferred to another rehab facility.  My problem is that Medicare has run its course of payment to the facility, so i am now picking up the tab, at $2000.00 per week.  I do not qualify for Medicaid, since I have a bank account, at least for now.  The only thing I am here for is wound care, and the Primary care physician will not sign a release.  I can leave, but only by AMA(Against Medical Advise).  Is there any other safe course of action I can take without risking my health?  Or am I destined to be bankrupted by this process?

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