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AARP and United Health Care

I wrote a written inquiry to AARP sometime last year inquiring as to how and why they made the decision to promote UHC.  I got a canned response saying AARP has not received any complaints from it's members regarding the services UHC provides.  My question was ignored.  One would like to think that AARP engaged in due diligence when they selected UHC, but likely it has to do with contributions that UHC makes to AARP.  Interestingly, my pension plan promotes UHC.  If enough AARP members banded together and requested transparency from AARP, perhaps our questions would be answered.  I don't think any of us believe there won't be some corruption/fraud in these programs, but we do have a right to know how it is AARP is such a supporter of UHC, considering all of the customer service complaints.

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From what I gather UHC pays AARP for the business relationship.  I have no idea how that AARP-UHC relationship was chosen or negotiated. I guess that any other large insurer would do the same for AARP's promotion of their insurance products.  

FWIW- EVERY insurance company has CS complaints, but in most surveys I've seen UHC is at least average if not a bit better. Knock-on-wood...So far I've found UHC Medicare (including both phone & website service) to be at least as good as the employer-based commercial insurances I've had over the past few years before I got old 🙄

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