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BEWARE the Initial Wellness Visit when new to Medicare

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BEWARE the Initial Wellness Visit when new to Medicare

Medicare will cover ONE general physical exam within the 1st 12 months of enrollment (a 'welcome of Medicare' visit), but NOT an initial Wellness Visit within that 1st 12 months.  If the provider bills both for the same visit (which apparently is not a violation of billing rules), YOU (the patient) must pay for the Wellness Visit even though the 'welcome to medicare' exam includes almost all of the same things (personal & family history, review of your medications, etc.).  


FWIW- Just as with any medical service or treatment, you can decline a Wellness Visit if you like...but remember Medicare covers them AFTER you have been 12 months on Medicare. 



Thank you for sharing , seems like you have some insight into some of the possible pitfalls we might run into as new Medicare members. 


I am doing research on my transition from Medicaid to Medicare this March, Any constructive insights you have are much appreciated.


I have been on Social Security Disability for a couple of years and Florida Medicaid covered almost all of my medications and most of the treatments by my team of Doctors.


I am working with a Pharmacist that is helping forecast my 12 month needs for my current medications.  


Thanks again for sharing,


Have a fine day, and a better tomorrow,


Jack Robinson

"Faith Is Everything"

Jack Robinson
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