After COVID recovery doctor visit and tests

Is there such thing? Does Medicare pay for Vitamin D test?  I read on some website that tests should be done after recovery, i.e. IgG, CBC, Cholesterol and Chest scan. I looked in the Medicare Handbook and I only found antigen test (not interested in the other listed). Are they buried somewhere deep in the fine print? 

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If there is a medical necessity, usually Medicare will cover various test but not just because of a Covid recovery.  

Yes, Medicare covers Vitamin D level testing IF there is a medical reason for doing it, like for the diagnosis and monitoring of a bone density problem.

As to the others - CBC, Cholesterol or various imaging test - same thing - IF Medically Necessary for diagnosis or monitoring of a diagnosis.

Covid-19 Antibody test are covered by Medicare as long as they are medically necessary to see what your immune level might be after having a Covid-19 infection. - Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) antibody test

Probably would have to be more than one since

1.  immunity levels wane over time - whether through vaccination or having an infection.

2.  with new variants - immunity maybe different for each one.



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