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Having just turned 65, I selected AARP United Healthcare as my Medigap provider. I selected them because they have the majority of the Medigap market, probably because they contribute so much to AARP and have their endorsement. I was thrilled to begin Medicare because it meant the end of my sky-high premiums, coinsurance, and co-pays. Yesterday, I was shocked to receive a bill in the mail from one of my medical providers. Upon contacting them, I found out that Medicare approved the claim (which occurred two months ago), but AARP United Healthcare has yet to reimburse them as the Medigap provider.  She told me that United Healthcare is taking a long time to process their claims, and she suggested I pay the bill and contact United healthcare to ask why their processing is taking so long.  The United Healthcare rep did acknowledge that they have been in receipt of this claim since the beginning of October but they didn't provide a date regarding how soon my claim will be processed.  I feel the AARP needs review all their endorsements for the quality of the product offered instead of endorsing providers with deep pockets. I oversaw my mother’s Medicare and Blue Cross Medigap plan and not once did she need to pay a doctor bill because of the slowness of the Medigap plan in processing the claim. 

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I apologize for the delay in processing your claims, I know how frustrating this can be. You can always contact AARP for help if there's an issue with an AARP provider. Please use this link ( to contact us by phone, chat or text. Please include the following:

  •            Description of your issue
  •            Mention that you are requesting an escalation

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention!

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