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A BI-PARTISANSHIP Senate Bill that could SAVE Medicare Money AND Provide better Service

I really dislike GARGANTUAN legislative bills - I prefer ones with a direct plan and how they are funded - One:ONE; especially ones that have the services and the savings all together in the same service.  To me, these seem pretty much NO Brainers. 


 Now this one - saves Medicare money AND provides better Medicare services to many people. Introduced in the Senate on 07/29/2021, current, it is supported by (8) - 4-Dems and 4-Rep.

The Choose Home Care Act of 2021, S. 2562 is a cost-effective and patient preferred home-based extended care benefit as a supplement to the existing home health benefit that supports patients to leave the hospital and recover at home with a mix of expanded skilled nursing, therapy, personal care, telehealth services and more. In this way, eligible patients can choose to recover at home in a safe home environment with appropriate and sufficient care tailored to meet their individual needs and reduced Medicare spending.


Eligible patients are approved by their doctor for this type of home care rather than a SNF recuperation period.

S.2562 Choose Home Care Act of 2021 (S. 2562) -


So where would you rather recover from some surgery or medical treatment, if approved by your doctor(s) - at home or in a skilled nursing facility ????


To find out more about it - follow the links at the top of the above page:

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