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What’s Good About Summer?


Hello My Community Friends!


Just touching bases with you. We are is a serious period of our lives and we

are so grateful to be in the Land of the Living.


One thing that I’ve had to do is, not to listen or watch tv all day. Now that helps

since the News is repeated over and over. 


My Prayers goes out to all of those who have been affected by the Virus.

So, I get busy! One day I saw an AARP List of things to do during this period.


It stated to call someone who might need to hear a Voice. I did that and called

several Seniors. I also remembered that I do not Answer unfamiliar phone

numbers. I ask for Permission to check on those Seniors 1 or 2 times every

other week. ( They were happy that I cared and a Voice made the difference.)

I also told them to perhaps call other Seniors for a “short  hello.”

Some called me to say that that made their day! Do not make LONG calls?


So reach out to Seniors who might be depressed and only need to hear a Voice.


Have a Wonderful Summer, Stay Safe, drink your Water and Pray.

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