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Hi Everyone, Yes I'm a little late, conversing with aarp trying to get my issues solved.. 

miliannie was our winner last night, so we move on to the bonus game, We are playing - Mini Full House, You need to cover the first 3 rows on your card, Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

I'm losing it, Guess u can't play without numbers, huh?


B-12  B-6  N-31  N-41

I-25  I-20  G-48  G-56

O-61  O-73  N-39  B-8

Can you tell i'm stressed ?

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I have no stress this year.  No turkey gathering. A Costco pre-cooked turkey entree will be on the table just for the old man and me, along with a simple green salad,  some kind of bun/bread, still undecided, and pumpkin cheese cake.  A good bottle of pinot or viognier, undecided, will make us forget Covid 19 or miss the other 18 family members. Our boys and my sister decide to keep distance separately and without Zoom.  One last thing,  no worry about anyone driving under the influence, since each family unit stays put at home.

Today's bingo? No worry there also. The mini house is still very empty.

Honored Social Butterfly

Sorry you are so frazzled Jen, just take a deep breath and stay calm. Stress is not good for us.

Tonight I got one number, ah well there is always tomorrow.

Good luck everyone.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Jen where are the numbers. I will check back later going to church. Congrats to millannie for her win. 

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Jen there are no numbers

Honored Social Butterfly

Hi ladyfox, they are there now, I'm going crazy..just too much going

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