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Wed June 24th Welcome to the BONUS GAME

Hi Everyone, A nice day here, not too hot and a good breeze. We had two Winners last night, miliannie and ladyfox58, so it's on to the Bonus Game, We are playing the letter-O.gif Letter O, Good Luck, Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-12  B-15  N-31  N-39  O-73


I-18  I-23  G-46  G-60


O-74  O-68  B-5  I-30


I'll be back soon to check, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

Thank you all for your congratulatory comments. What a great group of supporters we have here.

Of the three hits today, only one fell into the right place, leaving 8 more spots to fill in the next 3 days.
Recognized Social Butterfly

Again congrats to our winners. Well I got an email from my church and several people tested positive for the virus, so the church has been shut down.
I was wearing a mask, and we were all setting safe distance with me sitting with my family and our chair were six feet apart from everybody else. But there were several who were not wearing mask, and quoted it isn't necessary, well I guess it is, and I let the church know I am not happy how things were handled.
I am being tested tomorrow.
Well you all have a safe and healthy night.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to Miliannie🎉 I got 2 numbers today.

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to miliannie and ladyfox on their wins last night. WTG ladies!

I got a couple of useful #'s and a few not so useful tonight.

Good luck everyone.


P.S. I found my missing email along with all of Tuesday's messages today when I went to clean out my spam folder. I guess I have to blame GMAIL for that boner.

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