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Wed June 12th Welcome to Our Bonus Game

Honored Social Butterfly

Wed June 12th Welcome to Our Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, jonibee was our Winner last night, so yes, it's time for the Bonus Game, we are playing Lg Outside Frame.

outside-picture-frame.gif  Here are the numbers for tonight>


O-70  O-61  B-6  G-46  N-33


G-58  I-19  N-45  O-65  B-12


I-22  G-47  I-29


Have a good game, what happened to everyone last night?

Not many of you showed up, unless you took a quick peek and I'll be back later to check, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

Helloooooo everyone. Just want everyone to know that I am supporting miliannie in what she said. I know I miss on occasion and sometimes I say too much and other times only a little. BUT, it would also be nice to hear from others who play.


I never asked Jen how many cards she sends out a week but I know it is way more than the member participation. So, try and let her know you appreciate all she does for us by stopping to say hello once in a while.


Thank you, SassiLady 

Regular Social Butterfly

Finally got the numbers to hold hands..but for a regular bingo. A little too late.

The large frame is still out of reach.

HEY YOU GALS !!! Drop a few words after viewing the numbers for the day. Like Jen, I miss it when you rush off without leaving a thought or a remark. Just a few words, please. You don't have to be a wordsmith. No one here can claim that anyway.

"Missing you, missing you...." from an old song.
Honored Social Butterfly

Off to a poor start for the bonus game, only two numbers.

Lots of rain today and I wore myself out, did all my laundry,cleaned the bathroom and washed the bath rugs, changed my bed linens. I did all the breakfast dishes the family left in the sink as they headed to the zoo early. Then we had lots of rain.

I am tired and if you have ever changed the sheets on a daybed that has to be pulled out from the corner so you can get behind it then you know I am done for the day.

Good luck everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to jonibee🎉🎉 I got a few more numbers still need a lot more.

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