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Hi Everyone,prisonnurse06 was our winner last night.

We are playing the Bonus Game-Outside Picture Frame

outside-picture-frame.gif Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-11 B-15 I-17 I-23

N-41 N-37 G-46 G-54

O-64 O-68 B-7 N-45

B-1  I-30 G-50

Good Luck,I think it's chicken nuggets and fries for supper,I'll check back later,Jen.

Regular Social Butterfly

Just want to let you all know not to worry about me even though many of you are sound asleep by now.  No Bingo.  No problem.

Honored Social Butterfly

I did get a few numbers for the Outside Frame

Honored Social Butterfly

I don't know about the G/N 45 but you called B-11 twice, did you have an extra ball up your sleeve. Good luck everyone. Oops my bad, sorry about that.

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Honored Social Butterfly

That's ok,you are good.

Honored Social Butterfly

That is a B-1 and I-30 next to it, so I did not have an extra ball, maybe I should space the numbers further apart, if I do that I have the word editor yelling at,Jen

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Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. Today the weather was cold in the morning and at noon it was 55 and warm. This is typical for Texas. We dress like winter in the morning and in the afternoon we dress like Spring and in the evening we go back to winter. You got to love this State or hate it when it comes to seasons.

I went to my hematologist this morning and my blood work shows no anemia or Cancer cells. I can become anemia very fast so I was very happy. 

I got a few numbers to get me going on this Bonus Game. Jen I am sure the G 45 was suppose to be a N 45. I don't have it in either column. 

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Yes it was Charonanne, I edited my post..hey I get points for being neat don't I?lol.

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