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Hi Everyone, A beautiful first day of Fall !

Here are the numbers for tonight >

B-12  I-17  N-45  G-53  O-66

N-31  G-50  B-4  I-26  G-46

I-30  B-6  O-72

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon,Jen.

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Thanks everyone! Good luck on the Bonus Game.

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@Vexed AGAIN?! And AGAIN?! Good for you! On we go to the Bonus Game! Good luck everyone! 🍀

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Looks like we have a winner. Congratulations to Janet, WTG!!!

All I did was end up with three waits. Great a bonus game tomorrow.

Good luck everyone.

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Amazed! I have a Bingo!  It's beginners luck.

Card #70

B-5, I-27, N-43, G-53, O-66

Oh I have another. I almost missed it.

B-2, I-19, Free, G-46, O-66


Good luck all. 


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When you're hot, you're red hot!!! Congrats @Vexed 

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celebration-balloons.jpg CONGRATULATIONS ! YOU ARE OUR ! 1st WINNER !

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I have another Reach. Otherwise my board is ‘spotty’. Maybe someone else will have better luck tonight. Kathy, where are you joining us from? I live in New York and we have representation from Texas (x2), Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Colorado and even Hawaii! Who am I missing?

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Good evening everyone. I have three areas where I am one number away from a win. Which means someone is closer than me.

I have a funny feeling we will be playing a bonus game tomorrow.

The weather here was nice and cool and fall like, and I went grocery shopping and didn't enjoy how much it cost to get my normal amount but the day made it for it. 

You all have a great day.

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Today has been a very pleasant day I was enjoying the cool weather, I got 3 more numbers today and waiting so I know someone else should be closer to a Bingo.

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