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WED OCT 6th We Continue with our BingoGame

Hi Everyone, We had another pop up shower this morning, now the sun is out, what's left of it.

Here are the numbers for tonight, can't say they are good ones, but maybe someone can use

I-30  N-45  B-3  G-53  O-75

B-7  G-48  N-34  I-23  O-69

N-31  B-11  O-64

Good Luck, I'll check back soon,Jen


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Wow, congratulations to Mary, Janet and Linda, WTG ladies. I am so glad we have winners because when I checked my numbers I am waiting in four places. Too much excitement for my heart.

Now on to the bonus game. Good luck everyone.

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By gosh by golly @jen43 I’ll take that I-23 for a BINGO on card #109. I-25, 21, 27, 23, 18. Congratulations @mr67205064 Mary and any other winners. @Vexed Sister Janet - I’m adding strawberries to Friday’s shopping list.

👁 ❤️  🍓s!!!

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Congrats @LindaB671 .  Will get strawberries too. And maybe some cream cheese fruit dip.

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congrats.jpg LINDA B, This is a GOOD BINGO !

YOU ARE THE 3rd WINNER ! Happy the numbers were good to you !

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Good evening everyone. The weather this morning was a sweater morning and from what I hear from the weatherman our 90's will return next week. I guess summer wants its last fling. 

I came soooo close to three areas of having a win. Congrats to our winners.

See you all tomorrow for the Bonus Round. Have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I have a bingo on card #103. B-14, I-16, Free, G-55, O-64. Congrats Mary Riley.

Good luck everyone.

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YOU ARE THE 2nd WINNER Janet ! vexed..


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Looks like we have a winner Congratulations to Mary Riley 🎉 I did get 4 more numbers today.

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Hi Jen, I have a bingo on card #101, under the N's-31,34,36,&40, thanks and good luck to the ladies, have a Blessed evening 🌆

Mary Riley
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This is a Good Bingo Mary !

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg CONGRATULATIONS !

You are the 1st WINNER !

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Hail to (Bingo) Queen Mary!  You go girl.

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